Seasons Change


Rome in January


Rome in May

Almost 5 months I’ve been here. Slowly easing in. The homesickness pangs are not as bad as before.

I still miss Singapore though.

I wonder how everyone is doing. Wish I could be there with you all.

7 Replies to “Seasons Change”

  1. Very different ‘feel’ of nature’s wonders.
    I liked how you used the season changes to illustrate your length of stay.

    I guess you can ramble on in the Italian language by now~ ;p

  2. Nadnut

    I miss you too :] Bwahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ehh … not really! I cant even retort back and complain in Italian. It takes forever for me to remember the words! Argh!!!

  3. Hi rinaz,

    Nice neighbourhood. My impression of Rome was one that is hectic, bad air ( u literally want to hold ur breath from an onslaught of fumes), getting lost in a maze of small streets n the ever presence of some much ruins (ok, this could be the result of sightseeings from the tour) …

    By the look of ur place, it might be easier to make friends than say, in an impersonal city eh ? Amsterdam is kinda like Rome (central ?), I wouldnt want to live there !

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