My wedding preparations so far

With about 5 months to the wedding, this is a videoblog of what has been done so far

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12 Replies to “My wedding preparations so far”

  1. Excellent vlog guide for noobs about Malay wedding

    Mesti riuh-rendah when the day comes!

    Don’t forget the ‘kepak-gebung-kepak-gebung’ and Pakcik/Makcik karaoke

    Congrats again!

  2. Sha

    Um, its not really a guide, its just what has been done so far. A guide would be more comprehensive I think 😀

    And I think it will be riuh when the day comes … with the kompang and the hadrah and all 😀


    I told my parents way in advance that I dont want karaoke. Sungguh membingitkan. And guess what I heard from my mum this morning. They got a karaoke anyways.


    Apa yang boleh buat

  3. You also need an Italian flavour to add to the wedding reception…so why not have an opera singer sing instead of the karaoke..this will surely blow the makciks n pakciks away!!

  4. Eileen

    I love the Bunga Telur and the Charm Bracelet too 🙂 But seriously speaking, I’m a little shocked that I actually bought something worth $800 in a snap like that. Its not like I’m so rich -_-


    Do. Not. Like. Karaoke

    Argh! But my parents just hired one … even after months in advance saying that I dont want one! its like I have no say in this matter -_-


    Oh gosh … thats a nightmare … I can imagine all the lagu jiwang they are going to sing … I remember this pakcik singing, “Aduh, Aduh duh duh duh” song. I was like -_-


    Hi! Thanks for dropping in my blog 🙂 And thank you for your sweet comment. Have we met before by the way?


    Opera Singer? Woah, this is over the top … hahaha! I wonder what would happen if that really happen. Hmmmm!

  5. Very interesting way for an update on your upcoming nuptials Rinaz and I really enjoyed it.Good luck and 5 months will pass really fast…can’t wait to see you all decked in the bridal finery…

  6. Congrats on the akan-datang wedding! I can’t wait to read it on your blog! 😀 Tak boleh imagine when it’s my turn and I haven’t prepared for it yet!

  7. Fraun

    Actually I’m a little stressed out … but we’re all managing … hopefully! Hehehehe



    Congratulations on YOUR wedding! You must be really excited about it 😀 Dont worry about the preparations … baby steps … baby steps … hehe

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