How to do a lipdub

You will need :

1. A music player.
2. A video recorder

Step 1 :

Choose a song for your lipdub. A happy and upbeat song would be great while a depressive song might not be the best choice.

Step 2 :

Choreograph the type of moves that you want to do for your lipdub. There are a number of moves that you could try such as the dance, the lip sync, the actor.

Feel free to experiment with different styles and remember you could also use props in your lipdubs!

Step 3 :

Now that you have decided on your moves, video yourself with the video recorder at the choice of your location.

Step 4 :

Upload your video and give your self a pat on the back for a job well done.


Sidenote : We did our first lipdub session yesterday and it went great! I hope that you join in. We need more footage!

Below is a work in progress to get you inspired 🙂

Lipdub Project – Draft 1 from rinaz on Vimeo

What do you think?

27 Replies to “How to do a lipdub”

  1. Mintea

    The video at the bottom? Hehe, I like it too 🙂 Am looking forward to the next recording, I hope you can make it!

    Daryl Tay

    I hope that you can make it to the next recording 🙂


    Of course 🙂

    But please, lets not make it where the prawning area is … its so far for me. Lets do it in Central Area instead 🙂

  2. Thanks Rinaz…

    It was so much fun to do!!

    Just a suggestion to everyone doing it next weekend. Listen to the song a few times and remember the lyrics… makes life much much easier.. 🙂

  3. Bernard

    I hope you join in too! It’ll be great!


    Thanks so much for being so spontaneous in participating, even though it was such an impromptu thing 🙂

    And yes, I had a lot of fun! And great tips … it’ll really help to make the synchronization even better!


    Which one? The top or the bottom 😛 Hehehe


    I hope you join us for the next shooting :):)


    Yes! We had a lot of fun! Shall we meet up to do a shooting too? 🙂 It’ll be fun!

    Uncle Sha

    Want to meet up and contribute? You’re a long time pingsgter … this will be awesome! 🙂


    Correction, not videojug … its videoMUG 😛

  4. There’s a pingster lipdup one in making? I can’t wait for it!!!

    Nah I’ll ‘rosak’ the vid recording 🙂 I active in ping but tak bergaul selalu. Next time I join, bila I know more pingster. U & Malique the 2 ping user I know jer

  5. Xinyun

    They do don’t they! Hahaha! We were all having fun being silly! 🙂

    Patrick Speer

    Oh yes, one of NTT’s favourite tshirt 🙂

    Uncle Sha

    Alah, dont be like that lah! You can do individually also if you are shy 🙂 I really would love for you to contribute! 😀

    Anyway, you have a videocam so you have no excuse 😛

  6. Attilio

    It sure was a lot of fun!


    How did arzhou disgraced himself? Its was for a good cause 🙂


    Ah, thanks for that then 🙂

    And no, it couldnt possibly be a viral … those go to at least 10 thousand views to even be considered one! 😛

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