Come and join us! – Lunch and movie date with the Darul Ihsan Kids

Bloggers Shaz and Aidil, Eja and Raf are organizing a bloggers outing to visit the children of the Darul Ihsan Orphanage.

Photo by five2b4u

I think that this is a beautiful, beautiful gesture and this is the first I’ve ever seen done in the Singapore blogosphere. If you are free on the 2nd of September, please consider joining us 🙂

4 Replies to “Come and join us! – Lunch and movie date with the Darul Ihsan Kids”

  1. Its my pleasure shaz 🙂 I estimate that I could be at the vespa anniversary at about 4pm or so? Initially I wanted to join a team for the competitions. But then again, I’m not such a competitive person 😛

    But I love to see so many colourful vespas. It would be awesome to meet other vesporeans 🙂

  2. marina! haha thanks for the pimping…totally unexpected! hey, i hope you can make it for the vespa one too…you can attend that during the later half of the day, yes? i mean, the highlight is dinner right? ohhh looks like you’ll have a jam-packed sunday! lol!

  3. Mmmm Pizza al funghi! Squisito! Mi piace molto! E delizioso! 😀

    Actually Vesporean is Vespa + Singaporean … a Singaporean Vespa person .. hehehehe 😀

    See you! 🙂

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