A Singapore in Rome

Last night, Cartcart sent in this picture which he snapped while roaming around his workplace.

Singapore in Rome

Its pretty cool isnt it? A Singapore in Rome 🙂

Speaking of which, I’d be heading there in about two weeks time from now. I cant wait. I’ve missed him so much.

Buying the tickets has been quite frustrating for me though. Its common knowledge that prices should be cheaper when you order early. So when I got the plane tickets in April, the prices were about this range :

KLM Plane Ticket in April 2007

This was a heartbreak for me as the amount was higher my monthly take home pay. But for the sake of love, I persevered.

But my heart sank even more when I saw that the prices dropped by a hundred dollars just the next week. And just about 5 minutes on writing this post, a quick check on KLM shows that they have a promotion :

KLM Plane Ticket in June 2007

*heart shatters*

Not fair! Not fair I tell you! *goes to the corner and sobs dramatically* Cartcart had better buy me loads of shoes when I get there!

But in a way, as much as I cant wait to see him again, there’s still that nervous feeling again everytime I make trips like these …

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  1. Sha

    Wow really? You need to register for the vote to be counted though and then click on the ‘fame me’ Thanks :]

    When I win, I treat you lah … Hehehehe!


    You forgot to click on the ‘fame me’ button lah 😛 Hehehe And I’m not going yet! Another two more weeks or so … Takuttt!!!

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