A new addition to the two wheeler family

The brother seems to be feeling the urge to ride and has actually bought for himself a Bajaj Pulsar.

Bajaj Pulsar
The Bajaj Pulsar

He initially contemplated on getting a Vespa LX 150, but finally had his heart set on the Bajaj after realising that the petrol consumption mileage was better and the tank capacity was higher.

We went to one motorcycle shop on evening. And while he was talking to the salesman, I went off to admire this cutie.

Yamaha Fino Scooter

Isn’t it adorable? This is the Yamaha Fino. I like the shape and the look of this scooter as it is so retro. And it is mini sized for any woman to ride comfortably. What’s cute about it is that there is a side pocket in the front to put items like water bottles.

This particular green and white limited edition which we saw at Universal Motors was going for about $5k on the road.

But as adorable as it is, the one thing that didnt make it perfect was that the Fino had very little storage. I can’t even stuff my handbag in there, much less with things like laptops or the SLR Camera bag.

My Vespa GT200 is still the best.

Anyway, the brother will be getting his Bajaj this evening and he’s letting me be the subrider. I can’t wait to try riding on that.

And speaking of Vespas, the Vespa Club is having a 1 Day Trip to Malacca, Malaysia this Sunday. If you have a Vespa and is free this sunday, do join us. It’ll be fun! 🙂

Vespa Club Members at the Big Bike Fest
The Vespa Club members at the Big Bike Fest

Update : Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I finally saw the sunflower biker along the AYE expressway on my way to night class. Wanted to wave hello to him but he rode away so fast.

The sunflower biker in singapore

Super cool right? 😀

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  1. wah duh, vespa trip..!! take care and have a safe journey. dont forget to send your vespa for a check first before going. you dont want to stuck in the middle of nowhere..

  2. Sharon

    Hi Sharon, welcome to my blog 🙂

    Vespa Rally? I guess its kind of, hehehe. But we’re there more for sight seeing and a nice lunch together at Malacca. Most of us has a Modern Vespa but there are some members who have the kick start models 🙂


    Baroo tukar tyre hari ahad and a full service check about a month ago (?) Should be ok I think. Hehehe

  3. Uwaaaaa. It’s been a dream of mine since sec school to ride a vespa but my parents tak kasi amek bike license. BOOHOOHOOO! Anyway, ya! the yamaha’s quite sweet, but if i were to choose, i’d STILL get a vespa or a lambretta hohohho!

  4. I always thought of vespas as cool retro bikes. Always wanted to ride one. Alas. A tall, lanky guy like me on a vespa. A damn weird combi. Tried once and I think we don’t really make a good picture together. What with my knees sticking up getting in the way of the handles and all.. Bahh

    But I really think vespas are cool..!

  5. oooh cool bikes! and gosh, bikes are wayyyyyyyyy more affordable than cars huh? i didn’t realise they can go that cheap. 😛 anyway, my mom wld kill me if i were to even consider riding a bike.

    and singapore really should have lanes for u motorcyclists, more safe that way. *grumblegrumble*

    anyway, u have a safe trip this sunday yea? 🙂 have fun!

  6. Faddy

    If you keep on persevering, I’m sure in time your parents will allow you. Actually when I started to learn to ride I didnt even tell both my parents. I told myself that I’m going to go ahead whether they allow me or not.

    I’m not doing anything wrong and its my own money after all 😛

    You try again next year … then the year after that … then the year after that … until you get it … hehehehe 😉


    Hey, you could try my type of scooter, the GT200. Its a modern vespa. Its designed for taller people. Me at 1.61, have to stand on my toes a little when I stop the scooter, so I think that it would be more comfortable for you 🙂

    Yes, the retro vespa is pretty small. It would look funny to see a very tall guy riding it what more with the knees all the way to the handles.. hehehe 🙂

    Snack Monster

    Yeah! In fact you could even get a vintage vespa for $500!!! This is a great mode of transportation 🙂 Cheap and good! *thumbs up*

    But most importantly is the heart. Are you more a two wheeler or a four wheeler? Then as the great venerable Nike would say, just do it … Hehehe 😉

  7. Hey you know after reading about your posts on bikes and scooters, I really feel the itch to get one again. As I shared before I used to ride a red Skipper and it was pretty fun to get around on two wheels (weather permitting). And the new scooters I see nowadays are simply gorgeous! Only thing is the safety issue which my wife and parents will nag about….

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