I miss my baby

I miss my baby.

When you came into my life. Everything seems so complete. I never knew there were an empty part of me and I was so happy.

We had wonderful times together, Sometimes I’d treat you bad but you were always faithful to me.

One day, out of my sheer obstinateness, I treated you harsher than usual. I made you run in the rain till you slipped and fell badly. You got hurt and had to be sent away.

I cried and I cried and I cried. But you never came back. You were gone. And now that you’ve left me, there is a void in my heart. I’m so sorry I did that to you! I was so cruel!

I miss you.

Come back to me.

I want you … I need you back in my life.

Please come back to me…

I love you.

5 Replies to “I miss my baby”

  1. OMG, reading the start of you post before scrolling down to see the pic I’d thought you’d broken up with Cart Cart!!!!!! :-O

    Almost had a heart attack. Anyway, hope that you’ll soon be reunited with your ‘love’! 🙂

  2. lakeside girl – Cheated? Awww … but I do love my scooter … Really feel so empty without it … :

    gypsy girl – Haha! Awww! I didnt mean to scare you! I do hope that I have the scooter back soon.

    I really miss it. Wierd right?

  3. yeah i also got same impression u brokeup

    cheh .. motor lak

    hehe, well hope u’ll get it back soon

    if still missing it, pegi kedai runcit, try the 20cen mainan motor with music and all ;-p

    good sunday!

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