Review of 1bnbSingapore – Bed and breakfast in Singapore

I spent some weeks of scouring on the internet for suitable and affordable accomodation, emailing them to see if there were rooms available, asking friends for recommendation and the actual viewing of rooms.

There were some rooms which were dark and totally creepy – stained carpets, broken bathtubs. There were some which had no windows at all, and was so small that made it seem jail-like and claustraphobic.

Cuclainne recommended 1bnbsingapore, a bed and breakfast where her family in laws stayed. After checking the website out, I decided to take a look at the place after work.

The nearest train station was the Outram Mrt station. All train stations had a locality map at the exit, but since I couldn’t find the place, I decided to take a taxi instead.

Spottiswoode park. That sounds very high class doesn’t it? Like a condominium. That was why I was surprised when the cabby said that we’ve reached the place. It was nondescript, and looked like a regular high rise building. With the exception that there was a guard sitting at the stone bench at the lobby and a lcd screen in front of the elevator with a security camera pointing to me.

I went up to the 25th floor and met one of the managers, Debra, who showed me one of the rooms. It was roomy – I saw a writing table, cable tv, a playstation set, cupboard and a clean bed. And the view from the top was gorgeous. I could see the Tanjong Pagar railway and the city from there. So it would be easy to get around the city and other areas because of its central location.

Though I couldn’t get the largest room which had bathroom in it, and have to share with another 2 rooms, the bathroom is so much bigger than any of the hotels that I’ve viewed so far.

I was definitely interested.

Best part is that it was one of the most affordable one I’ve seen. There is vacancy for the dates when cart would be here. Hooray! I was ready to book a room and make a deposit on the spot there and then. Its that great!

I finally found a place that is suitable for cart! Air conditioned, large bathroom and it wasnt expensive. Awesomeness!

Thanks cuclainne! If you didnt recommended me that, I still would be searching for rooms! πŸ™‚

And thanks everyone for the suggestions, I really do appreciate them. I’ve learnt so much πŸ™‚

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