Creative Vision M vs Sony MP3 Flash Walkman. Which will you choose?

At one point of time I wanted to get a Creative Vision M. It had remarkable specifications for an MP3 player – At 30 GB, it also had a LCD display where you can play movies and view images.

About $450 Singapore Dollars

I knew it would be useful for when storing my digital photographs when I am travelling. Moreover, it had a voice recorder should I decide to do a podcast on a spur.

Very sweet.

Something caught my eye recently though – The new Sony MP3 flash walkman, though it is only 1GB, it had this amazing capability of charging in just 3 minutes! Plus it was sleek, small and stylish.

$179 Singapore Dollars

I think it would be perfect for my long road journeys.

The difficult thing to do right now is to decide between the two. Which one do I choose?



*and ponders some more*

In the end … none! Let me pay the bills first and then see how much money I have left 😛

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  1. Get the Creative Vision M. Got a few plugins to it and its so totally sleek – matching you! x))

  2. No, no, no. Get this one instead. I was mistaken in one of your previous entries. It’s this one that I wanna get. See, the lcd screen is 3.7-inch! The down side is it doesn’t support .gif/.doc (or other formats for reading e-books!) files, organiser feature (not a loss!) nor have camera abilities.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have an all-in-one gadget? The closest thing to that is the smart phones like DOPOD but I don’t think I can read e-books with that. I’m waiting for Sony Ericsson to come up with a gem..

    Btw, don’t get an mp3 player without a screen (boring). Mp3 with screens are (going to be) the fad now.

  3. Miza : Eh, that thing is over $600! Cannot lah, thats almost half of my pay … like that my heart is in pain …

    But yes, it would be great to have all in one gadgets, trouble is, engineers are having problems already trying to make it have as many functions as possible without it turning out to be as big and heavy as a brick.

    You know, I might as well buy a generic cheapo mp3 player, yes?

  4. Last time, I bought a cheapo Creative Muvo V200 mp3 player ($200) and I got bored of it pretty fast. Regretted not investing on something more gadget-y. =(

    But of course, Sony is of better quality than Creative. It’s bound to be more durable and it does look more stylish than my V200. =P

  5. Last time I bought a ‘I dont know what brand’ mp3 player. It was just 256mb I think but it was about $200. Feel so regretful when all these fanciful and more storage mp3 players appeared in the market some months later. I’m so indecicive and so cheapo … I mean thrifty at these kind of things

  6. Hi Jc 🙂 There was a forum discussing about which is better, the creative zen M or the Ipod video and it seemed that most preferred the creative zen m because of the functions and brighter screen. I’m keen on getting creative compared to ipod, mainly because creative is cheaper than ipods.

    I’m a cheapo, I know 😛

  7. In 6 months time, the cycle will continue again when there will be new items coming up and me drooling for the latest version … 😉 I can never win 😛

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