Lazy Italian days

Thoughout my entire stay, Cartcart was so sweet to have cooked for me. Some of them include:


Grilled Bell peppers with Olive Oil and Parsley

Tomato Rice with potatoes and salad on the side

They were all lovely. In fact, he fed me so well, that I’m still rather bloated at this point of writing. In turn, I wanted to cook for him too. I tried to make Vermicelli Soup with the pack of dried vegetables that I packed along. Inside it contained dried shitake mushroom, dried lily buds, vermicelli and dried tofu which I soaked to make it softer.

I cut up some potatoes and finally eggs which I eventually combined with the soaked food in boiling water.

Me : Eh? Why is the water boiling like that? Why is there so much bubbles?

Cart : Its the type of water we have here. We’ve always had these type of water.

Me : This water is hard water!!!

Cart : Its good water! Full of calcium.

I try my best to scoop away the bubbly deposits. In the meanwhile Cartcart cooked some rice.

Me : Uh, Cartcart… why is the rice so thick? Are you making porridge?

Cart : Oh no. This is risotto. Doesnt your rice look like this?

Me : No. Our rice doesnt expand like that.

Cart : It must be that risotto contains more starch that makes it so.

Me : Ohh … Well, the dish is all done! Lets tuck in!

Cart : Smells good

I taste the soup with the risotto and makes a face

Cart : Whats wrong?

Me : Something’s missing

Cart : What?

Me : There’s no flavour! This is tasteless!

Cart : No! This is fine! Really!

Me : No its not! Yuck! I’m hopeless at cooking! I’m so ashamed! I conked up with such a simple dish! This is terrible!

Cart : Come on! See, I’m still eating it. Its not bad, really!

Me : I dont like it!!!

Cart : Ok, what can we do to improve this?

We stuffed the food in the fridge and the next day, Cartcart helped to buy some soup cubes. I beamed at him and proceeded to fix my concoction.

Me : Ready!

Digs in to the soup with the risotto

Me : Mmm! Much better!

Cart : Yes it is, but I’ll still eat whatever you cook 😛

We went for a walk in the park in the vicinity. I’ve been facinated with the relaxing, flowing fountains outside of Cart’s window. It was so tranquil to see children playing with their families and to see people just relaxing after a workday.

Me : Look dearest! A rosemary bush. Smells great! There’s one there too, and there and there!

Cart : Oh my gosh. So many

Me : Now we can cook baked potatoes 😛

Grocery shopping in the afternoon. I was facinated by the rows and rows of different cheeses. There were so many that the eyes can see. I’ve never seen so many varieties and make before.

Cartcart shows me some vegetables that I’ve never seen before.

Cart : Do you have this? (Holds up a Radicchio)

Me : No, never seen it before

Cart : How about this? (Points to orange zucchini flowers)

Me : No, thats not a common food here.

Cart : Banana?

Me : I know what a banana is!

Cart : I mean, for the banana pudding. Is that good?

Me : Oh. (sheepish) Yeah. I think so.

After the grocery shopping, we chanced upon Cartcart’s parents and they invited us up to their apartment. Cart’s mom showed me some old pictures of the family and I admired the beautiful family. (Cart’s mom was a hottie in her days!)

She then showed me a some dancing videos and proudly showed the trophies that they won. (Cart’s parents used to teach dancing)

Cart’s mom : We got 3rd place in the national dance competition

Me : Impressive! Do you still dance?

Cart’s mom : No, we only do it for fun now

Me : What kind of dance do you know?

Cart’s mom : Foxtrot, Cha cha, Paso Doble, Jive, Rhumba …

Me : Awesome … I’d like to know how you are able to balance yourself in such high heels

Cart’s mom : It takes practise, lots and loads of practise 😉

We went to Gianicolo in the evening afterwards and admired the view. Gianicolo was a higher point in Rome and it had the spectacular view of the different famous Roman monuments. I could see the vittorio emanuele monument from here. From the distance, I can even the Pantheon and the stronghold.

It was also a great make out place.

I noticed a few couples making out beside the lighthouse tower. At the same time, a tour bus arrived, full of American tourists. These people came pouring in and snapped pictures of the view like there were no tomorrow.

And yet ANOTHER tour bus arrived and our area was full of tourists (at 9pm?) I could imagine the other couples being disgusted at the disturbance. These people cuddling up with their partners and then suddenly multiple camera flash buzzes.

But why would anyone would use flash at night time? It doesnt illuminate the background and the picture will turn all washed out. It reminded me of what Satoko said about Japanese tourists posing with peace sign at every single thing and it made me chuckle.

Some people do such funny things.

To be continued

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  1. Hi rinaz,

    I mean, the nudeln would I share with you. But the tomato-rice, no, not really. The third meal I found youkky.

    Greetings, lovely rinaz,

    Rainer Pokryshkin

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