Yay! I got a job!

Amazing. I’m still mildly stunned at this point of time of writing. You are now reading the blog of a newly appointed Multimedia Educator for AsknLearn.

It was one of the most memorable days that I’ll never forget. I had a call yesterday, while I was searching for iEnabler. I reached Outram Mrt Station at about 3.45. I’m quite early! I thought to myself. Now all I have to do is to find a landmark and I’ll be at the building pronto. I walked past Pearl Centre and asked a man, do you know where Teck Lim road is? Nope. And I then I asked another person. I don’t know. Not sure. So I called up the office to enquire about the area.

Do you see This Fashion? Yup! Okay, walked past it and you’ll see a temple, and then you’ll see a hotel and walk past that hotel and we are just there.

Okay, I got it, thanks!

So I walked past this fashion. And walked. And walked and walked. Wow, this is such a long walk! Is this really the right area? I reached Chinatown and walked and saw the Sri Mariamman temple and thought to myself okay, here’s the temple. I don’t see a hotel though. I was feeling quite tired after walking in my heels in the warm afternoon sun. And I felt dishevelled and really flabbergasted. I tried to call the office again. You don’t see the temple? But I’m right next to the temple. Do you know where I should go to? No? Nevermind, I’ll just take the cab there.

Right afterย I put the phone down, there was a call for me.

Hello? Bzz Bzz Bzz. Would you like to come down for an interview?
Bzz Bzz, take but 91, Buona Vista, Bzz Bzz

Uhh .. wait, what? (snaps out of daze) Could you hold on a while. Let me get a pen. (scribble scribble) Okay, see you tomorrow at 10 am.

I tried to flag some cabs, and there wasn’t any slowing down! Even those who did slow down didn’t know where Teck Lim Road was! In my heart I was feeling murderous. Luckily there was a nice taxi driver who stopped to call up his friend to ask where the area was. And an old uncle, as well as this nice man who was relaxing in his van who took the time to actually check his directory and show me where to go to. To all of you, I’m extremely grateful. There are wonderful people out there.

Anyway, at last I found the place and had an interview with Ken, the manager there and left after about 2 hours. And … I saw a hotel. I continued walking and saw another temple and then, I walked a little bit more and what I saw made me really angry.

It was the same spot where I called the office. It took me 30 minutes to walk all the way around the area when it should only take me 5 minutes to reach here! I was stumped. With my feet aching, and feeling uncomfortably sticky, I felt like digging a hole and hiding myself in it.

I mean, seriously, look at this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Black route is initial route, red route to go home

*heart aches*

Anyway, this morning, I went to Asknlearn, not really expecting anything since in my mind I was thinking of Mastereign and I heard of Asknlearn’s reputation about being very discerning in the choice of trainers.

But I showed my portfolio, both hard copy and the soft copy and after a while, they asked me to go into the office and do an aptitude test.

They seemed impressed by the score from the aptitude test and were keen to hire me. I was still a little hesitant and did a quick calculation in my head. Should I still continue with mastereign, freelancing? Or should I take this offer up doing full time. I quicked weighed the pros and cons and decided that I’d take the offer up. A pity actually, I really would love to work in Mastereign. If only they had full time there.

Anyway, I start on Monday to see the new school and to get to know the staff and the locale. I hope it’ll be good ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I’ll stop here for the moment, and let my bears narrate the rest of the blog. Ciao!

Woo! I’ve been so bored of staying at home all the time! I’m so glad big miss is taking us out finally!

Woo .. what do you think is out there?
So many trees! Bus riding is so much fun
Ohh .. We’re stopping. Where are we?



I wonder what big miss is doing here.
I see big brother signing up for something


What’s big brother doing? Ouch! That looks painful!

Nah, big brother isnt frowning, it shouldn’t be painful.
Big miss is doing the same too.
Oh no, she’s frowning.
What’s she saying? *peers*

Not enough Iron. She can’t donate.
Aww big miss looks so sad.
Well, big miss could try again in a few weeks when her iron level is higher.
Lets look at big brother.

He looks pretty comfortable with that ball.
Look at the blood bag, brownie.
Down there!
Big bro must have a fast heart. His bag is filled up really fast.

Ahh .. it’s all done.
Lets have a rest by over there and hand big miss and big brother some drinks.


Woooo! Big miss is asking big bro to go out for dinner.
Yum yum!

*sniffs sniffs*

Whats this drink Big miss got? Smells like ginger.
Big miss drinks wierd drinks.

Whats that cat doing there?
Shoo! Scat cat!
Don’t shoo it away, its cuteeee
Not cute Beigie, it’s a lazy cat.
It’ll make big bro throw it food all the time.
Oh well. Silly kitty

Woo! Going home in style.

Well, good night brownie
Good night beigie
It was a fun day today. I enjoyed it.
Me too


5 Replies to “Yay! I got a job!”

  1. Wow Congratulations Marina ๐Ÿ™‚ Geezzz you have all sorts of people offering you jobs! What you could do is call up the other place and tell them you had a better offer and if they could offer you full time and more pay ,ya might take thier job ๐Ÿ™‚
    And talk about taking the scenic route eh ;>) Its a good thing you wern’t in a hurry :):) hehehehe
    heck you will know where everything is in no time at all…after all ya will soon have been everywhere hehehe Poke!
    And the thing with the cab drivers..heck must be the same in all parts of the world people live a block from stuff and ya ask them and they never heard of it.. is the same in big cities here also:(
    Good Luck with the new job!!
    Wishful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congratulations, Marina! It seems that we were both charmed this week! I hope you enjoy the new job and the new working environment! Way to go!!!

  3. narima-my previous skool employed asknlearn..ders nice ppl der…congrats marina…btw my laptop’s ok so it’s only now tht I gt to drop by…will drop by more often soon k

  4. Thanks for the congratulations wishful, dj, nong, narima ๐Ÿ™‚ Busy busy life now though … muhahaha at least I’m more stable financially ๐Ÿ˜›

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