A day in life : Experimenting with Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana is a cake, originating from Napoli, made of ricotta cheese, precooked wheat, eggs, candied orange and millefiore scent and it is typically eaten during Easter, although you could eat them the rest of the year too.

I first had it while on a trip to Capri in 2007 and I liked it a lot. It was refreshing and interestingly, not cloying at all compared to a lot of cakes which you’d feel that thick feeling in the throat after a while.

Cart bought a kit from Dolce Amico – it had a jar of precooked wheat, some icing sugar and the millefiore and then we mixed it with the rest of the ingredients like eggs, ricotta cheese, butter, flour, sugar and candied orange.

We tried our hand on making one last weekend. And here is a video at our attempt.

We sounded very tired because this video was shot after we did some spring cleaning … and we’re still not done yet! Yikes! But as tired as we were, eating the cake was totally worth it

You could see a better one being made here.

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  1. Can I have a slice too, please? Bravi! It does look very tasty and soft. Sometimes we have it too after dinner at a trattoria near our place 🙂 Interesting to know that they sell the kit to do that cake… at least the result would be guaranteed.

    1. Sometimes I feel that the portions can be confusing … like six eggs, what type of eggs? Six small eggs? Six medium eggs? Six large eggs? Small things like this can change the consistency of the entire mixture though. And for the dough, Cart was only left a small piece which is not enough to make the strips for the top … :p

      At least the cake was tasty … and of course you and Emanuele are always welcome to a slice or two 😀

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