An Italian vacation finale

On Thursday, Cart and I went on a road trip from Rome to Sorrento, Cart said that the journey would approximately be about 4 – 5 hours of driving.

Road Trip Map

We left at about 5 pm and only reached Sorrento at about 10 pm. We would have reached there earlier but we misread the sign and turned to the A30 direction on the highway rather than the A3 and thus wasted some time. I was confused to see many different direction signs pointing to the same place.

By the time we reached the resort, we were both quite tired and hungry and we headed to Il Capanno, a restaurant which was recommended by the resort manager. In Italian, Il Capanno means ‘The hut’. Once inside, I was amused by their figurines there

Il Capano

Il Capano

Cartcart tells me that the pizza in this region was one of the best in Italy. You could tell it was a Napoli style pizza was made  here because the dough was thicker nearer the circumference, while thinner in the middle.


It was delicious, but I still prefer Roma styled pizza though, as I like thin crust pizzas 😀


Seafood linguine

Cart had Gnocchi while I really enjoyed my seafood linguine. Yum!

rinaz and cart wearing green to sorrento :P

On our way back to the resort, Cartcart told me to be careful at where I stepped. And that was where I noticed this curious creature. Cart said that it was a snail, but I’ve never seen one without a shell before. Have you?


Early in the morning we left the resort to head to Capri. I admired the vast amount of colourful lemon trees that was lining all around the area.

Lemon tree in Sorrento

Beautiful isn’t it? The bright yellow against the blue sky? Cart tells me that the people in Sorrento are very proud of their lemons. It has been said that Sorrento lemons are one of the best quality and famed ones in Italy.

We took a mini-bus to get to the port of Capri. Cart and I were impressed at the driver who was able to drive at high speed in the narrow streets of Sorrento without hitting anyone! I also cannot help to notice that the driver was wearing a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

When we reached the port, I admired the charming view of the buildings, to the clear blue sea. The water was so clear that I can even see the floor. It’s probably not very clear in the video at the end of this post, but I could see the fishes swimming clearly. It was almost as clear as a swimming pool.

Port of Sorrento

Port of Sorrento

We paid for the tickets for the ferry ride. As we were on our journey, we were amused by a young man who was selling and calling out “Water, Coke, Coffee”, but in his thick Napoli accent, we heard “What the —-, Coffee” instead! I took some footage for posterity for you to hear it 🙂

Some minutes later we reached the Capri jetty.


My gosh, this was such a beautiful place. Places like these only existed in postcards and cable TV! I had to pinch myself to see if I was really awake or dreaming. We exited the ferry and walked towards the village and decided to have a tour around the island.


We took a slow boat ride and what I saw for the next 2 hours was like an interactive Geography text book. I am so in awe with the beauty of what was in front of me.




One of the most spectacular views was the one at the Blue Grotto where we went into an underground cave and you could see the sun’s illumination on the blue water.The colour is intensified by the white sands below. Do watch the video journal below to see the blue grotto in all its glory 🙂


Cart and I should have brought our swimming attire, for most of the times, I was really tempted to jump out of the boat and just splash into the water! By this time, we both have been quite tanned from a couple of hours we were in the open boat.


After the boat ride, we explored the island of Capri. The vibe of the area was very touristy. Being summer, there were a large number of tourists walking about. Things costs a lot more here. My heart felt a little pained to see Cart having to spend so much on just the boat rides alone. But being a gentleman, he insisted that we have a nice time and not to worry about anything.


We decided to stop for break.




I used to dislike rucola. To me, it was bitter and evil tasting. When I saw some in my caprese, I looked with disdain and pecked at it till I decided to just try and give it another chance. I actually liked it! When I had it in my salad, I gingerly tasted it again and found out that it was actually really good! It tastes so much better when it was in a combination with other foods.

And I find myself loving my dessert so much! Cart had the Torta Caprese which is made with thick chocolate.

Torta Caprese

While I had the Pastiera Napoletana. This cake is made of orange rinds, wheat grains and ricotta cheese. It’s a really refreshing treat, not cloying at all. I liked it better than the chocolate one even.

Pastiera Napoletana

We then went to Anacapri, which was a smaller island next to it, where cart got a bottle of perfume for his mum. I explored the shop and noticed loads of lemon related items there, such as the limoncello and lemon soaps. The place smelled delightfully of lemon scents

After we acquired the perfume, we headed up to the chair lift up to the peak of the mountain. Cart said that the view was spectacular there, but we reached there too late and they were already closed.

Cloudy in ana capri

We were a little disappointed. But I saw that the clouds were already rolling in, and I think it would be too cold for comfort should we be at the top.

Unwillingly, we left Capri in the late evening and said our goodbyes to Sorrento. We had a quick drive to Napoli to say our goodbyes to Fabrizio who was camping there with his family and have dinner before heading back to Rome. I looked amusedly at two adorable children in front of me, during dinner, playing some sort of kissing game and suddenly I felt very sad.

Saturday was my last day in Italy. I was calm for most part of the day, but when the last few hours, I just lost it. Its heartbreaking to do this again.

We dropped by his parents place to say our goodbyes and then we rushed off to the airport where I had only 15 mins left to board the plane.

I can still see him vividly, my last mental image of him, staring at me as he stood there, outside the checkpoint. I looked back, sadly, going up the escalator.

I cried in the plane again.


When I reached back to Singapore, everything was the same again. It was as if I have never left at all. But I know for sure, I’ve left my heart with someone very special.

rinaz and cart

We’ll work it out, dearest. We can do it.

A video journal of my last 3 days in Italy

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  1. Hey Marina, it’s been ages since I last posted a comment on your blog. 🙂 Just wanted to share with you, I know what it feels like to go through a long-distance relationship. Stay strong and committed. You and Cartcart have so much going on, so strive on. At the end of the day, its all about the journey and memories you guys share. It will all be worth it! *hugs*

  2. Hi Marina,

    I’ve been reading your love stories for quite a while & i’m impressed with the sacrifices & promises u guys made to each other!!
    Here i really wana drop my best wishes to you & cartcart. I’m sure u can do it if you are determined to………
    You guys are such lovely couple…….esp the one….both in green t-shirt!!
    And beautiful places you’d introduced to us…………..

  3. Hello
    ecl is the biggest winner because she gave uyzn $200 for the cake. Uyzn accepted $200 from ecl is a fact. So what did he accept fm veron for best blog of the year?

    uzyn said ecl is a loser after she became the biggest winner. So why is he shielding a bigger loser who only win 2 awards?

    the awards by are for losers? uyzn took back ecl’s 4 trophies oredi wat. Who is the meanest and biggest loser in

  4. I can feel the sadness too. Oh I’m just a crybaby. Boo.

    Capri looks like a place one has to visit at least in our lifetime. Blue Grotto looks like a very romantic experience.

    And your voice, it’s different, deeper than I remembered. It’s like listening to somebody else.

  5. Wow.. the senery is superb!! Make me wanna visit Italy someday!! So are there language barriers in Italy when communicating with the locals??

  6. hi again Rinaz.. maybe I missed something, but ur cartcart didn’t come back to sg with u? y don’t u go over to Italy to stay with him, and Italy seems like a nice place to stay! maybe I’m too KPO! LOL..

  7. Cobalt

    Thanks! 🙂 *virtual hugs*

    It isnt easy, and can be very overwhelming but I think that the best that we can do right now is to educate ourselves on the steps and processes so that we can move on.


    Actually, I’ve never seen so much mountains before. I’ve seen mountains in Malaysia and Thailand but it wasnt as big as the ones I saw. Along the road trip there were so many. I was in awe. Hehehehe


    I am sure that it will be worth it *hugs*

    A wise friend once told me, that every situation is actually simple. We, as people, we tend to complicate things. But its only human to feel scared and doubt. For me, I am taking baby steps. I’m glad that one of cartcart’s best quality is patience, and understanding.


    Wow, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting and thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

    Hahaha! I didnt think that anyone would notice our green tees! I saw him wearing that green tshirt and immediately changed my red top to the green top that I happened to pack in my bag.

    Going in to sorrento in style 🙂

    Cute right? 😛


    I dont know if you’d be reading this since you spammed pretty much most of the blogs in

    But anyways to summarize your concerns

    1. ECL did not bribe Uzyn.

    She has mentioned in the shoutbox that she did not give him any money. Do you want a screenshot?

    2. The winner best blog of the year is determined by votes

    Veron won because the number of votes under the category of “best design” is more than ECL’s number of votes under the category of “entertaining/controversial”.

    3. The awards are for the spirit of fun not an indication of self worth

    Wah, then are you saying that I’m a loser also since I never won anything? And the other 88 people who turned up for the event is losers also? Ok lor 😛


    I’m a crybaby right? :

    Had to hold the towel in the plane and pretend to wipe my face while in reality I was actually crying.

    Yes, Capri is beautiful! The water is so clear and so blue! Probably cant see it in the video, but you can actually see about 2 meters into the sea. I really had to stop myself from jumping in. Its so tempting!

    The only thing about capri I didnt like was that it was so expensive. I feel worried every time cart had to spend money …He should have bought me shoes instead 😛 Hehehehe

    The blue grotto is amazing! We spent only a few mins there. But looking at the colour is just breathtaking. Imagine swimming in it.

    Yes, my voice has gone lower through the years I noticed. I think women’s voices grow deeper as they grow older. Mine is exercabated because I have to use my voice alot when I’m in class.


    You’ll love Italy! Wonderful food, lovely and friendly (not to mention good looking) people, wonderful scenery. Its just great. (Of course, they do have their own problems though, have you seen this before Kev?

    As for language barriers, its not so bad in Rome because there are a number of people who do know english there. But its very useful to learn the language. Or at least try to speak the language. At least the basics. The people would be very appreciative and will tend to be more friendlier to you 🙂

    Cartcart did come to visit me in december last year. I think he’ll be coming again this year 🙂

    Well when we get married, I’d have to migrate to Italy and stay with him. My main concerns is if I’d be able to have a life there, kev. Its one thing to stay there as a tourist, but its another thing when you actually live there. I’m sure you know since you migrated from singapore to australia 🙂

    Like getting a job for example. What on earth can I work as there? I dont want to be a cleaner 😛

  8. Hey hi Rinaz!

    Wow.. I’m simply amazed at the Italians from the flash that you mention! I’m gonna let my Italian colleage watch it and see if it’s true!! LOL.. Btw, I ain’t migrated to Australia, and I’m not really sure I want to as of this moment cos I just arrived like 5 months ago. Maybe I will make up towards the end of my PhD candidature.

    Hmm.. if ur cartcart is doing well in Italy, maybe u can be a housewife? It’s fulfilling watching ur kids grow up! Or u open up a Singapore resturant in Italy! LOL…

    When are ur planning to tie the knots?

  9. Rinaz I like pizza leh.. i felt that i wanna to make pizza. but i want pizza to be the same as the pizza and also taste too =)

  10. Hisyam

    You can do it! 🙂 Maybe you could even make your own special type of pizza.


    Hahaha, I think your colleague will find it funny as it is more as a parody rather than an actual description of Italians. Cart found it funny more than offensive 🙂

    Becoming a housewife? Me? The first few weeks would be nice and relaxing I think, but I’d be bored out of my head staying at home doing housework all the time. But yes, I think it would be fulfilling to watch my future kids grow up 🙂

    Opening a singapore restaurant does sound interesting. Cart did wanted a fast food indian restaurant to be opened in Italy but its just more like ‘coffee talk’. To be honest, my cooking abilities is only limited to my own consumption, its not that great.

    When are we planning to get married? We’d like it to be as fast as possible. Initially we planned it to be at the end of this year, but I dont feel financially prepared for that yet.


    You worship me? Really? Wah! Wah! *rinaz ego and head inflates exponentially* We love you cobalt!

  11. Hey!

    It’s always been a great pleasure reading your blog. And with great romance comes obstacles. May you and Cart Cart have great romance for all eternity!

    After all, obstacles keeps the relationship stronger, that’s what I always tell my long relationship bf.


  12. Hmm.. speaking of fast food resturants, u can prob contact those established ones and talk to them about setting up a branch in Italy – under ur management but under their names and recipe etc.. can’t remember a marketing term used for it…

    It isn’t easy managing long distance relationship. Had 1 but i felt that we eventually drift apart … and current sorta in one as well as my gal is in Sg while I’m here in Oz. But technology is so good nowadays with webcam etc, distance is not really much of a prob anymore…

    So, be strong, and most important of all, communicate frequently with ur cartcart!

  13. Hani

    Wow, its been a while since I’ve seen you here in my humble blog. How are you?

    A great pleasure reading my blog? (head swells) Hehehehe. Thank you for the well wishes, I do hope that my journey with Cartcart continues to be fine. And I hope your journey is going great too 🙂



    Did you mean franchising? Sounds like a great idea, thought cart and I dont really have a large capital and we dont even have much business experience. But we’ll think about it. Cart really thinks that franchsing is a great idea. Erm … I am very very good at eating Indian food.

    Yes, you are right. It isnt easy managing long distance relationships. It takes trust and a lot of patience. Good thing cartcart has alot of patience.

    We do use webcam everyday (I have an awesome logitech camera) We even go to Secondlife (less frequently now though) But nothing beats real life interaction 🙂


    Thanks for dropping in my blog! And thank you for the comments, nothing beats going to the place itself, hahaha, do go! You’ll love it! 😀


    Wow thank you for the well wishes 🙂 I hope our journey goes well too 🙂

    As for the food, actually I dont know if its such a good thing that I ate there, cos almost everything is so good to eat there, that when I come back to singapore, my standards has gone so high that there is really no pasta and pizza restaurants that can measure up 😛 Hahahaha

    But I know you and your hubby and kids will have alot of fun there 🙂 Rome and Sorrento and Capri is beautiful …

  14. my dear…i think you have a very romantic life journey with your sayang…and i wish you both be happy together always..:)

    and as for the food pictures….you’re torturing me!!! its just a dream to even think about going to italy for their wonderful delicious mouth watering pasta and pizzass.grrrrrrr

  15. Yanni

    Nice right? You could put Italy in your “places to go” list 🙂 Hehehe


    Wow, the idea of tiffin carriers is so asian! Its been a while since I’ve seen that happening 🙂 It could work I think, but in Europe, since there is a slow food revolution, its certainly something different 🙂

    Komala Villas! Yes! Thats the one that cart and I went to while he was here in Singapore. He really liked it very much. He even used his fingers, hahaha 🙂 That was when he commented, “Why dont we have something like this in Italy? It would be so useful to have a fast food restaurant with good indian food”

    Great links kev 🙂 Thank you! Hmmmm *thinks*

    p.s How come you dont like indian food? I think its great 😉

  16. Oh, I find the spices that are commonly used in Indian food too strong to my liking. And I often see the Indian stall (back in my NUS days) selling green vegetables but all mashed up etc.. all this kinda put me off.

    Not to say I never try Indian food b4, I did, and I just steer away from it after that… so much so that I have never even eaten once from the Indian stall during my 4 years stint in though lotsa Indians were queueing for it! LOL

  17. Kev

    Maybe you might like the indian fast food types like anada bhavan or komala villas. There’s ones which I really liked, and they didnt seem to include overpowering spices. Even cart could eat them 🙂 (He doesnt like durian though hehehe)

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