The wedding dinner

Ah! Its so nice to meet up with old friends again!

Sheedah invited me to her wedding. Sheedah was a friend and an ex colleague from the previous school that I was attached with. I spent about two years there and had very fond memories of the school.

I messaged Narima if she wanted to go with me. She affirmed, so I fetched her on my scooter, and together we went to the ceremony.

A dance for the bride and groom

It still tickles me when I think about us wearing baju kurong (traditional Malay wear) on two wheelers. Me in my orange gold dress and my wedges and Narima in her Kebaya must have attracted quite a few shocked motorists on the road. I imagined that they were thinking, “Crazy Women! Why on earth are they wearing fancy clothes like that on a scooter?”

When we reached there, I saw so many of my ex-colleagues. We looked at each other and started to talk animatedly, excited to see each other again. I missed them so!

We entered the grand hall and waited for the bride and groom. It was so lovely, the sound of the Malay drum beating in chorus, and adorable little girls strewing flower petals on the floor. Sheedah looked radiant and her husband, Suhaimi looked equally dashing.

The chandelier almost covered my face

One could see the love in their eyes as they smiled and glanced at each other. It was so lovey dovey. It made me feel like wanting to get married too.

While watching the emcee talk, I updated my friends on whats new in my life while they updated theirs. It seemed that there are quite a few changes in the school – quite a few staff has left or thinking of leaving. Some going for new pastures, like teaching in Hong Kong.

Peiyi : Hey! You look so nice!

Me : Not as nice as you 🙂 You look beautiful in that outfit and that hairstyle.

Peiyi : I thought you were coming with your boyboy?

Me : No, he’s coming in December, thats why I sms’ed you about Tea Chapter.

Sherry : It’s popular with tourists.

Xiaofang : Boyfriend?

Peiyi : Where is he from?

Sherry : What is he working as?

Peiyi : How did you guys met?

Me : Erm .. erm ..

I was really happy to be around these wonderful people.

Mr Loo, Me, Hasnah, Waheeda, Linda and Narima.

But the night ended too quickly and we had to say our goodbyes too soon. But what a lovely night. Being among good friends is one of the most priceless things one could have.

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