Happy Teacher’s Day :)

I’m liking the new Blogger. I’ve finally have what I’ve always wanted to have – labels! Now I can categorize my posts and choose to read which category I want at one click.

There’s also the ‘widget’ feature which I like, once I’ve adjusted it, it will stay the same, no matter what template I change to. But now that Blogger has upgraded from CSS to XML, I believe alot of blog-skins will cease to work. Fortunately for this blog, it has a very simple design. 🙂

I had a lovely day on Thursday which was the eve of Teachers’s day. I still went to work even though I had another day to rest – I was concerned as there wasnt anyone manning the pictures and the video for the school. I was feeling better anyways.

I watched the school concert put up by the school students – some were dancing, some formed a band, there was even one who did beat-boxing.

I felt well enough to attend the teacher’s day lunch. I asked Sophia, the admin manager, where the place was

Sophia : Its at River View Hotel

Me : Err .. Where’s that?

SOphia : Do you know where Havelock Road is?

Me : No … Where’s that?

Sophia : Its near Zouk (a night club)

Me : I dont go clubbing

In the end we consulted streetdirectory and read the directions from there but just to be double sure, I asked some of the staff who were driving if I could follow their car.

V : I’m not sure if that’s a good idea

Me : Why not?

V : I’ll be driving quite fast

Me : Just say that you dont want me to follow you

V : Its not that, I’m not sure if you can keep up

In the end, I said nevermind. It was obvious that he did not want me to follow his car so I proceeded to go to the journey by myself. Should be easy. Ayer Rajah Expressway leading to the Central Expressway, turn right and then ride along Havelock road.

I rode along Ayer Rajah Expressway, and then exited the Central Expressway as I was supposed to but I couldnt recognize any landmarks. What made it worse was that it started to rain heavily. Raindrops started to fall on me like tiny spikes. I never realised how painful it was to ride in the rain.

The Tanjong Pagar Railway

I stopped by the Tanjong Pagar Railway to consult my streetdirectory book and after getting the directions proceeded on my journey again.

Cold, soaking wet and miserable, I finally found the right road but I still couldnt find the hotel. It was so annoying.

Only when I left that I finally found the building. Printed on the high rise hotel in red words, River View Hotel. I could almost hear the angels sing.

The beautiful Kat

So stressed out I was, I signed up for the karaoke competition on a whim. And guess what? Me and my partner won first in the duet category!

Hee Hee hee!

2 Replies to “Happy Teacher’s Day :)”

  1. I was wondering how it was teacher’s day. School hasn’t even started here for most of us yet! Then I realized you weren’t teaching in the US like I am. When does school begin and end for you?

    I like your blog layout by the way…it’s simple yet fun!:)

  2. In Singapore, we celebrate teachers day on september 1. Usually on that day, it will be a holiday for students. So the day before would be a celebration and the teachers and students get half the day off.

    I’m not a teacher by the way, I just work in a school 😉 But typically, school starts at 7.30am and ends about 2.15pm. Sometimes teachers may want to have additional classes or enrichment courses.

    And thanks for the comment – I like my simple blog 🙂

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