I love shoes

I do so love my shoes.

I may not be the most gentlest person with shoes Being a rather rough person, regular shoes typically dont last more than a month with me. In the end, I’d usually encounter footwear calamities like this that I can only laugh at days after.

But that doesnt stop me loving beautiful shoes.

I was walking around the Jurong Point Shopping Center when I found these very pretty and colourful pair of wedges at Charles and Keith. It was love at first sight. I just had to try them on. It looked as good as it was comfortable to wear.

It was so comfortable that I had no problem wearing when riding my scooter.

Another pair of lovely that I found was from Bata. Even though Bata has a reputation here in Singapore, as being ‘Buy And Throw Away’ for not lasting very long, undeniably, there are some very lovely designs there, such as this green and pink cork wedges that I found.

It was extremely sexy. And I loved how it immediately made any outfit feminine. It was a timeless design. The only minus point was that it can get uncomfortable after a while because of its gradient. A day at work with these shoes wont be practical.

The funny thing is, I dont usually wear these shoes and my other pretty shoes to work anymore. Instead, I wear a pair of mocassins thats almost disintegrating already but I just dont have the heart to replace.

Do you have any objects that you absolutely adore like I adore shoes?

5 Replies to “I love shoes”

  1. There are these sandals that are really popular over here now, and they sell them in places like dollar stores and flea markets. At prices like that, I have them in every color I could find them.:)

  2. I love shoes but I rarely ever find a nice one in my size. I’m a size 8-9 (38-39). =(

    But I adore dangly sparkly earrings more than shoes. But money is always a problem nowadays. Can’t wait to finish my course. -_-

  3. Janet : I love cheap shoes too πŸ™‚ But the thing about cheap shoes is that most of them dont last very long for me. So I try not to buy too much of those types.

    Do you have croc shoes there too?

    Miza : Oh bummer! This is as bad as dano and this fashion where they only have clothes for anorexic people …

    I hope you finish your course soon πŸ™‚ And do extremely well at the same time πŸ™‚

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