You don’t have to worry for at least 6 months Toons

3 Replies to “You don’t have to worry for at least 6 months”

  1. Don’t worry Marina! You wont have to think about tuna or forget writing it in yr shopping list 😉
    At home, I hv a good stock which will last me for some months of mouthwash, toothpastes, toothbrushes, pads, pasta, tomato sauce, canned maize and tuna!
    Once i even had a supply of toilet paper which lasted 6 months :p

    1. Wow! 6 months of toilet paper! I think it makes more sense buying in bulk because it’s cheaper … the trouble is, where on earth do you store all that stuff! Our house is cluttered enough already :P:P:P

      1. We keep our clutters to a minimum..dispose stuff that has not been used for more than 2 years. In the past, we used Francesco’s room as store room but now moving our stock into a cupboard in the bathroom 🙂

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