Nude attack!

I don’t usually put make-up on. Nevertheless, I’m still fascinated by it  and one of the things that I’ve always loved is the natural eye-shadow palettes.

Probably one of the most talked about palette on-line would definitely be the Naked Palette Series by Urban Decay. They are undeniably gorgeous and may be worth getting for many, but at 48 euro each, I don’t even hesitate to put it out of my option list, especially when I don’t keep eyeshadows for more than two years.

(At most, I might consider the Naked Basics)

28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

A long time ago, I used to own a neutral palette. It had 28 different shades which was fun to play with. But in the end I realised that I used just a few because some of the colours looked pretty much the same when I used them on my skin.

I didn’t give much thought about it since then, but it’s only recently that I started to see quite a number of dupes on the high streets in Rome.

Aqua Sapone is a place where I normally get my toiletries as they have a bigger range and better deal for skin care. One day at the cosmetics section, I noticed the Maybelline The Nudes Palette.

Maybelline The Nudes

It was so pretty that I just had to stop, to play with it – it had a good mix of shimmery and matt shades and swatching it, I thought that the texture was good too. It was on offer for about 15 euro, so I thought that it was a good deal. I was about to get one for myself, but found out that it was sold out. I felt a little sad, but I got over it.

Then I was at a department store called Upim and at the cosmetics section, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they sold Physician’s Formula. This was a brand which I loved when I was living in Singapore and was flabbergasted when they removed themselves from the market.

Anyway, I noticed the shimmer strips eye palette. I really liked the packaging. The small size makes it travel friendly and it looked so cute with its black lace design.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Palette

The only thing is that all of the shades where shiny (hence the name) which wasn’t what I was looking for, also because I still have my old Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad.

Very recently, I found out that newcomer Wycon Cosmetics has their Nude’N’Wild Eyepalette.

Wycon Nude N Wild Eyepalette

This palette looks extremely similar to the one of Urban Decay, down to the long applicator. I don’t know how dupe-able it is, but for about 20 euro (on sale) it doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

I didn’t get this palette though as I got to know about it too late and I went to Kiko in the end. It was the one in the Via Europa branch as there was a sale going on and it’s usually less crowded there.  Kiko stores are known to be notoriously crowded so it was nice to be able to have a breather here.

Here, I saw their latest Reckless Spirit eyeshadow palette under their Rebel Romantic collection.

Kiko Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be anything special, but the more you observe it, the more you find it charming. The colours look extremely wearable and swatching it on my skin, I thought that the texture was creamy and the hue was vivid.

But because the lightest colour didn’t didn’t seem to fit my skin tone, so I opted to get their Infinity Eyeshadows instead – here you could customise your own palette and choose the colours you want.

After swatching for the umpteenth time, I got these for myself :

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow 214 210 217

One for the brow-bone, one for the lid, one for the crease

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow 214 210 217

The texture is smooth and there is no fallout when I apply it on my eyelids. So far, it seems to be long lasting and the colours stay put even hours after an evening out – which is quite impressive considering that I got each colour for only 2.40 euro (on discount)

On the other hand, the palette case was all sold out when I was there, rendering my use of the colours quite awkward. I even managed to break one of the plastic lids in my hurry to get ready to go out. (Make a guess of which one?)

At the moment, my obsession on getting a palette seems to be waning away, but I still wonder if there are other nude eyeshadow palettes out there in Italy 🙂


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