Hi everyone!

I’m now in Singapore for a couple of days now and am still trying to adjust to the humidity. Have been perspiring buckets in just a few hours after showering! Hahaha!

The first couple of days that I’ve been here has been quite a shock to me. There are so many changes – there are buildings that I remember which are already demolished and there are empty land with fully constructed buildings, complete with inhabitants! It took a long while for me to process.

Each time when we returned back, I’m always amazed at how much things can change in a year or two but things still feel the same in a couple of days later, it feels like “I’ve never left”. I feel the gap is increasing however because now I’m starting to feel “it looks familiar but it’s not the same”.

(Suddenly I’m reminded of an Outer Limits episode where a man crashes his car into an area which happened to be a time wormhole and he jumps 10 years into the future each time he wakes up from sleeping)

But change is inevitable and I guess I’d just have to deal with this and basically enjoy the limited time that I have here and try to reconnect with the people that I love šŸ™‚

Sidenote : Does anyone know if I could rent motorcycles in Singapore? It’s been challenging trying to go to places and do loads of things without your own transport.