This car comes with a complementary Italian family

I’ve loved the Fiat 500 since the first time that I laid my eyes on it. Isn’t it the cutest thing? I’d love to drive one.

Fiat 500 Polizia -

The above is a vintage though, and the last one produced was in 1975. It has since evolved to the Fiat 500 Nuovo.

It’s one of my favourite cars at the moment. It is updated with modern technology and yet retains the cuteness of the older generation.

I would have gotten one after getting my drivers license but for the price. Even as a second hand, it was still quite pricey (although incomparable with the price in Singapore) so I got something more affordable and as a new driver, I wouldn’t feel too bad if I made dings and scratches with it.

Anyway Fiat came out with a new version called the 500L. Basically it is a longer version of the car with 4 side doors instead of 2. I’m not in love with it, because it doesn’t have the charm that the regular 500 has.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you an advertisement that I saw recently. It’s too funny!

While the Italian family speaks Italian well enough to be credible, it has so much Italian stereotypes, but in a good, fun way :p

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    1. I love it too. Wish I could drive one! Not sure how the manual stick will be like. Its been said that it’s very different from the modern types

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