I got robbed!

URGH!!! I’m so annoyed, I could beat someone up!

Ok, so it’s not really so dramatic. But it’s very annoying when trying to do a left safety check when on the road and you can’t take a glance to see oncoming traffic.

If you don’t know what was stolen from me, take a look at the picture below.


See, the left mirror was unscrewed cleanly right off. It wasn’t a job done by a juvenile delinquent, but someone who had the intention of stealing it for himself. What a terrible surprise to see in the morning!

Urgh! Of all the scooters, he had to target mine! He couldn’t take the other two abandoned scooters which was right next to me -_-

At this point of time, I’m tempted to just attach my hand mirror as a compensation. It’s just about the same size anyway.


Yeah, I know it’s quite low-class and getting a replacement isn’t that expensive, but it’s just the principle, you know?

Le sigh!