Feeling emo

This video was shared with me by dear blogreader Jaz Moi about a man living overseas. It’s 14 minutes long, but it’s worth watching.

There’s one part where he says that in living overseas, the thing that he misses the most is his family.

I’ve been living here for over 3 and a half years and while I’m starting to get used to life here, it seems each time that it gets close to Eid, I’d always feel emotional. To the point that I dreamt that I was hanging new curtains with my sister and the entire day yesterday, I was bawling my eyes out out of emo-ness.

Normally towards this time when I was in Singapore, me and my family would be busy decorating the house, prepping to cook for the guests and the radio would be blasting with Raya songs. You could feel the festivities in the air, that something good was coming.

Suffice to say, it’s not the same here. And during this time, is when the feeling of homesickness is the strongest. I really miss being with my family, with simple joys of eating ketupat with Ayam Masak Merah and talking rubbish.

At least I’m looking forward to having my family coming over in September … so that’s a consolation.

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  1. I know how you feel i get like that around xmas 🙁 is there anyway u can find a radio station with Raya songs on? maybe over the internet? or go to the embassy who will be celebrating to…maybe that will help. Im here if you need to talk or rant x

    1. Thank you *hugs*

      Oh yes! Great idea! I downloaded some raya songs and blasted it out loud all day long … HAHAHAHAHA! And listened to live streaming radio too and listed to dedications, which was nice. Singaporeans don’t have an embassy though in Italy because our population here is too small … but ah well 🙂

  2. I feel the same too Marina… esp when festivities are approaching and u miss the preparations with family. maybe try calling yr family daily to keep up with what’s happening so u won’t feel that homesick. A big hug!!!!!!

    1. Big hug to you! I do call them, but they tend to be so unreachable, so busy like businessmen 😛

      Anyway, it’s odd that I still feel homesick even now … I wonder if the feeling will ever go away for us ….

      1. it’s true abt the busy-ness… i have to make appointments with my mom just to call her ;(
        after living here for 6 years, I still feel homesick at times…i think for me it’ll never go away..sigh!

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