How to look slimmer in pictures quickly and easily

A couple of days ago, I had my hair cut at the hairdresser near my house. It wasn’t bad, but it was the price charged was quite expensive, considering that the quality was the same as what you can get in those $10 haircut in 10 minutes places.

Anyway to show my discontent, I shared a picture online while my best “meh” face.

What I didn’t anticipate was that there were quite a number of comments saying that I’ve lost weight, look slimmer …

But in reality, I just think that it was the angle of the camera, the hairstyle and the fact that I wasn’t smiling was why I looked slimmer. The truth is, I haven’t been losing weight dramatically. In fact, my weight has been plateauing for a while, regardless of how much I’ve been exercising. But hopefully I’ll get to my pre-wedding weight one day

Nevertheless, the response has kindled my amusement and so I thought that I’d share with you some simple tips on how to look slimmer that you can use the next time you take a picture!

1. Pick a hairstyle that will make your face slimmer.

Remember how we’ve been told that wearing vertical stripes will make you look longer while horizontal stripes make you look wider? The same technique applies to hair too. In my opinion, having long, straight hair will make the face look slimmer. While short hairstyles like bobs aren’t very flattering on a round face.

Which is why I prefer having long sideswept fringes as without this frame at the sides, my face almost always look quite round. Like this :

2. Angle your camera above eye level

It is more flattering to the face to have the camera positioned slightly above eye level as this makes the face look more elongated and slimmer. Although taking pictures ala “The Dog” can be a little too extreme

I’m digging this swim cap by the way, despite how “auntie” it may look.

3. Pictures taken as a 3/4 profile will make your face slimmer

Same reasoning as above, with you turning your head about 45 degrees to the camera (pick your best side, left or right) instead of looking directly in front, will make your face look elongated.

4. A wide smile can make your face rounder

While a big, toothy smile (I tend to do that a lot in pictures) can make you appear more friendly, the negative bit is, it can make your face look rounder. And so, if you want to avoid that in pictures, simply tone down the smile.

And as Tyra Banks will say, “SMIZE!” Smiling with your eyes.

5. Cover part of your face

With all things said, if all things fail, a prop can be very useful in camouflaging the face into looking slimmer. There! Quick and easy! Don’t I look thin here?

Anyhow, that is some of my tips on how to look slimmer quickly and easily. If you have any other suggestions, I would love to read about them in the comment box below!

7 Replies to “How to look slimmer in pictures quickly and easily”

  1. I have a further suggestion: to eliminate bread, cakes and cheese from my daily diet:-) I’ll replace your first rule with this one coz I have some troubles in applying it :-))

    1. I don’t know. Eliminating things that you love to eat is quite painful and usually don’t work. So, it’s better to eat it in low portions or lower calories but still yummy alternatives than taking it away completely 🙂

  2. I thought horizontal stripes make u look wider and vertical look longer?? I agree with your 45 degrees angle when taking pics.. it helps to make u ‘look’ slimmer. One tip I have is to place yr arms at the side, bend it or behind long they’re not full at the front especially if they’re not so slim 🙁 Anyway.. I’ve always preferred the haircut that u u a soft look 😉

    1. Oh my gosh, classic blur moment! I better edit that! LOL!

      Oh, and about the arms, that’s a great tip! Thanks! Also if you bend them and put them on your hips will be great too, to disguise your arms as slimmer 🙂

      1. Yep! A very ‘fashionable’ pose to put it on yr hips 😉 or an amusing way.. place yr palm upward as if welcoming yr viewers to the photo (like carrying a tray).

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