Social centres in Italy

When you are around the neighbourhood in Italy, you’d notice some places which looks something like this :

This one is in Monte Verde near my FIL. I’ve never seen it functioning though.

This one is in Tor Pignattara which around the corner by the way has the best kebab shop that I’ve ever been to.

These are called “Centri Sociali” which is something like a community center in Singapore. They are almost always abandoned buildings which is renovated and refurbished and converted into a social center.

The hammer and the sickle symbol is for the communist political party and might look scary and apprehensive but here you could do a lot of interesting activities here such as learning another language, cooking classes at a fair price as well as meet other like minded, working class people. I’ve yet to meet a deranged politically crazed person here.

Basically these centers are made to bring the people in the neighborhood together.

Anyway, Cart and I were here in La Citta Della Utopia which I think is probably one of the prettiest Centro Sociale that I’ve ever been to.

Originally a building which was said to house Garibaldi, it’s such a charming area! Though it might look so here, walking in the area makes me feel as if I was in a fairy tale. I really liked how rustic everything looked like. Pity I didn’t take more pictures.

But even then, I doubt that the pictures would give it justice. Like this verandah here, filled with beautiful hanging purple flowers. Just walking across it made me feel very tranquil.

In any case, we were here to attend the 4th annual Soup Festival where participants do a cook off and visitors attending give their soups a try and vote for the best one. The winner will get a golden ladle.

It was interesting seeing people busying themselves setting up and decorating their booths, making it all pretty. Cart was excited to try out the double potato soup from this particular booth.

But we reached there too early at about 3pm while the taste test only starts at 4.30pm. We didnt want to wait for over an hour and also didn’t wanted to jostle with the crowd that was sure to arrive then.

So we left.

But I’d like to be here again in the future, maybe to take up one of their courses or just to hang and chill out with the people there.

Maybe I could try to participate in  the soup festival too next year. I’ve already thought up of something to make. A nice bowl of Soto Ayam.

I wonder how well Italians can take the spiciness. I might not win, but it’ll be worth it just to see their expression  Padan muka

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  1. Ahh! I was there too 🙂 I got a shirt that says “You can’t have soup without water,” to support the free water initiative.

    They have a market and lunch there every 3rd Saturday of the month, and it’s less crowded than the soup festival so I definitely recommend it!

    1. It is a lot easier to find them there than here 😛

      You could go to any hawker center. Here is a daunting task just to find the ingredients to cook them 😛

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