A future room makeover!

I was in the study room a couple of weekends ago minding my own business when suddenly Cart came in the room with a swiffer and then rearranged his computer table. All the while mumbling and moaning and all dramatic like.

What on earth has gotten into you?! I looked at him incredulously. Cart hated doing housework you see, and it wasn’t usual to see him mucking around with the house’s feng shui.


This is how the room used to look like. Now that Cart has positioned his desk at an angle, covering the fish tank, this room now looks like an office!

Breathlessly he showed me this :


Eh? What is this?

Breathlessly but proudly he announced, “Now that I’ve shifted my desk, look … now we have a space for a sofa-bed!”

And then he showed me a Mondo Convenienza (its like an Italian version of Ikea) furniture booklet to the page with the sofa-bed that he was eyeing. It looks like a regular sofa, but when you push it accordingly, the hinge releases a mechanism and becomes a bed!



We were at Mondo Convenienza yesterday to see how it looks like in person and it was actually large enough to fit two Asians.

Oooh! I could just picture how it will look like in the study room. It would be a huge improvement compared to the air-bed that we used while hosting our friends. I’m contemplating to throw it out even … Just read Jerrick’s comment

But if the sofa will be shifted there, where will my computer be? And then I started to get excited. Since my touchsmart could function as a television, we could put it up on the bookshelf and we could find a laptop stand or something for the wireless keyboard and mouse and I could do my computing work straight from the sofa!


I’m liking this idea already. So much so, that I’m willing to give all my babysitting and tuition money to fund for this makeover … hehehe! Yes, I’m totally brainwashed by playing Restaurant City.

I hope we could do this in time before we host Daphne, her sister and Nick in May

7 Replies to “A future room makeover!”

  1. wahhh! 😀 looks super comfy and definitely a piece of stylish furniture! 😀

    i love rearranging my room too… but current room is quite small (cos i have a double bed in it) and most of the furniture is built in, so i can’t really rearrange anything. 😛

  2. Are Asians narrower than europeans? Ahahahaha! Btw it is strange to see that in the second picture they put the pillow opposite the side where is located the head of the guest, i wonder why..:-)

    1. Yeah, most Asians are narrower than Europeans. I’m not part of most Asians though 😛

      But hey, I don’t see what you mean by the pillow location. The arm rests are detachable so it doubles up as a head pillow too 🙂

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