Happy anniversary my dearest Cartcart

How time flies. It seems not too long ago when I first met you in 2oo4 in the digital realms of Secondlife.

And after several years of LDR, we finally took the plunge to get married. 18th December. Exactly a year two years ago today!

Happy anniversary my dearest Cartcart. I love you very very much

Updated : Ok, ok. We got married two years ago. Cant blame me for mixing up the dates. I’ve got a good excuse. I’m jetlagged 😛

15 Replies to “Happy anniversary my dearest Cartcart”

  1. Oh my, congratulations! Was it this time last year that I was at your wedding? How life has changed for you! How many new experiences you’ve had in just one year!

    Thank God for your blog posts!

  2. Happy anniversary Marina & Cart! Sorry haven’t touched base since yr visit here in Milan. Promise you’ll hear from me in the new year, happy holidays!

  3. Hey its a good thing when you feel that less time have passed than it really has. It shows that your love for each other is still fresh and new. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary Rinaz and Cart! Your love story is still fondly remembered as one of the most spectacular and dramatic – where virtual became real (or better than real).

  4. Best wishes on your special day. My wife and I have been married for 18 years. I asked her recently if we ought to start thinking about making it permanent; she did respond in the affirmative, even if she paused for a long time before doing so.

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