My first time seeing snow!

It snowed yesterday morning in Rome.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

I could sense that there was something different. The colour. It seemed a lot brighter than usual. I pulled back the curtain and I was just amazed at what I saw.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

Oh my! Its snow!

It was my first time seeing snow ever and as cheesy as it sounds, it looked quite magical seeing the little flakes floating down.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

Having lived in Singapore all my life where there is sun all year round, the only time that I’ve seen anything close to snow was from my parent’s old icebox or the skating rink in the mall in Jurong East before it got torn down.

Excitedly, I went out to head to the park near our house have a look see.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

It was really cold outside. Every step I take feels like I’m crunching the snow below my boots. That reminds me, Ugg boots are not good for snow, since the snow can seep in and melt on your feet.

Everything was covered in white flakes, it was so beautiful. I never thought that I’d ever see snow in Rome since Cart told me that its not so frequent for Rome to have snow. The frequency is about once every 10 years or so.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

So even if snow might not be a big deal, seeing this was quite special to me.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

I was amused to see a couple of kids trying to slide down using the snow sled. The funny thing is that the snow wasn’t thick enough.

Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

And there were some who were throwing snowballs at each other.

I didn’t think that I could do the same since my fingers already felt like they were going to get frostbites if I stayed out even longer. I haven’t even touched the snow!

In any case I couldnt help but to take the opportunity to do one of the things that I love to do …


Snow in Rome / Neve a Roma

Unfortunately the snow didn’t last too long and by the afternoon, it the snowfalls stopped and the white slowly melted away.

Anyhow, this is a quick video I took while it was still snowing just for memory’s sakes 🙂

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  1. hey rinaz! I love in rome, too, and found you through twitter from rome. Nice capture you’ve got! Unfortunately I was on my way to work and never had the chance to go back home and take my camera. : ( I like your first-timer point of view and the fact that you even didn’t touched it : )

  2. Sezgi

    Thanks for dropping in my blog and leaving a message 🙂

    I’m sorry that you left your camera at home, but you know what, I was just looking through on youtube and there were a number of people posting up videos of the snow too.

    Haha, it sure is rare to have snow in Rome 🙂


    Hohoho, I’ll take that into consideration. Sweden is a picturesque place, just looking at your posterous. Imagine seeing the real deal! 🙂


    But seeing real snow and seeing it on television is way different!

    By your definition, I’ve seen dinosaurs hundreds of times before! UFO too! And faeries and imps and wizards and elves and aliens … 😛


    Late xmas song 😛


    Thanks for dropping in my blog and leaving a message 🙂

    Oh yes indeed! We were very excited since having snow in Rome is very rare. Like once every 10 years or so.

    So much so that even my mum in law was calling me up, excitedly telling me about the snow in her area 🙂

    Check out youtube, there are plentiful of Romans taking footage of it!

  3. Haha, I made the same joke abt the Ice Kachang !

    We had lots of snow since dec 18th, which is unusual. The unrelenting freeze feels like Ice Age – haha. The snow brigade even ran out of salt to sprinkle on the slippery roads within 2 days, when the amount stored was meant to combat the situation for a whole season.

    Icy roads are treacherous. Folks falling n breaking their bones – ugh ! As I told my folks back home, winter is best viewed from behind my windows or the TV (as in SG). I hv enough of winter fingers n toes as it is !

    Swirling snow has its magic, I’ll grant u that 🙂

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