I’m missing Singapore already

Driving from the airport

Cart and I just arrived in Italy safely yesterday afternoon. Its winter here in Italy at the moment. Its so cold that I could see fog coming out of my mouth when I breathe. Heck, its already night time at 5pm!? Such a drastic change for me, having lived near the equator for all my life.

But I suppose one of the nice things about winter is the <shameless>winter clothes that makes me look extremely cute</shameless>

rinaz is a cute eskimo

But in any case, I am missing Singapore tremendously for so many things.

Yummeh Indian food

One of them is the yummy food that we could get conveniently. Roti Prata, Nasi Lemak, Pisang Goreng, Satay and loads of other foods that I love, isn’t that easily attainable here.


I miss zipping through the roads on my scooter, looking at the sights in front of me, feeling a sense of freedom with the wind caressing my face.

But most of all, I miss the people here, my family and friends. These are the people that I’ve grown up with, they are part of me.

Geri and Rinaz 2009

It really feels wierd for me not to see my mum, the first thing in the morning as we do our morning prayers. Or to bug my siblings, teasing the cat and gossiping with my best friends. Those little small, mundane nuances.

My mum


Sidenote : In better news, the weblogawards have started. Do vote for Marina’s Bloggariffic 🙂

p.s : I want my computer shipped NAO! This Italian keyboard and the interface is confusing me! And Cart has no Photoshop! Nor Premiere elements! Sacrilege!

10 Replies to “I’m missing Singapore already”

  1. We miss you too but with the power of the interwebs, we iz connect for evah! We might not be on the same continent but all of us are with you in spirit.

    In time, you won’t miss Singapore as much.

  2. Plenty of great food in Italy. It’s where we Europeans have to go to have a decent meal! As for the weather… wait till spring, you’ll love it.

    In fact I’m jealous! 🙂

    Ok, so now you that we’re practically neighbours, it’s time to pay a visit! 😉

  3. ur stuff will b shipped over in no time at all! in the meantime… MS Paint? heh heh heh. 🙂

    n i thot u have ur netbook with u?

    *huggies* we miss u too! all the best, babe. i’m sure u will settle down in no time at all!! *love*

  4. Daphne Maia

    My stuff still isnt shipped yet … argh!!!


    Ahem, I’ll just hide in the cupboard till spring comes…. heheheh


    I still want my prata! Nasi lemak! Nasi ayam! Ayam penyet! Pisang goreng, epok epok dan lain lain yang sewaktunya!


    I dont know. At least once a year. Hopefully even more frequently.


    I miss having you as pillion already ….

    Cobalt Paladin

    2 weeks already … hahaha!


    I miss you too 🙁


    Come come! When are you coming?


    Would you like home made pasta made by me? 😀

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