Wedding Dinner videostream

Upcoming video livestream at 7.30pm, Singapore time πŸ™‚

Update : The wedding dinner is over. I hope that you’ve enjoyed yourselves. With apologies to friends, due to some unforseen circumstance, I don’t see the stream being saved so I cant see and replay the event. I quite heartbroken about that.

There is the Sunday brunch video here though.

However, I am looking forward to see the pictures. Have seen some on facebook πŸ™‚

sidenote : I am not 31 years old.

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  1. Hey Rinaz, congrats! Apologies for not being able to attend, my sister’s birthday party is at full swing (even though i’m not doing anything much). Don’t you just love family gatherings?

    Hope you had loadsa fun in your wedding too πŸ™‚

  2. congrats marina… and cart. it’s so cool to be able to see what’s happening over there from here.

    Semoga mahligai yang dibina kekal hingga ke pintu syurga. Amin. πŸ˜€

  3. hey miss marina.. sorry for not attending but i will be coming on sunday.. because your mum has invited my grandmother haha.. so yeah.. congrat.. don’t forget us =).. and keep in touch thru blogs, msn, friendster, facebook and etc yah.. take care yah.. bye =)

    Ex Shuqun Sec Sch

  4. Hello Rinaz! Very sorry I couldn’t make it to the party ‘cos I needed to be at the nn party to collect the prize… I hope Nadia has sent my regards! Anyway I heard you were very pretty last night!

  5. Didn’t get to see the video ‘live’ but saw the article on Straits Time today about the story on both of you and Cart. That’s some nifty coverage ya! πŸ™‚

  6. hey rinaz, i have been a silent reader of your blog. just wanted to send my congratulations. may marriage life be a bliss to you and your husband, insyaallah.

    by the way, today’s new paper wrote a small column about your wedding under the heading about three topics that singaporeans are talking about now.

  7. I have been following this for a long time now. How strange to (almost) see you get married. I remember the fairie with green and white striped stockings flitting around Cybertown.

    Congratulations on your wedding

  8. Thank you so much everyone! Aaron, Paolo, Claudia, Tini, Cobalt Paladin, Hisyam, Krysss, Liza, Jonathan, DK, Jayden, MsSheepy, Daniel, Jacelyn, Nadnut, Hillary, Nur, Walter, Jenny, Prettypaws


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