I love Flight of the Conchords!

It was an experience to remember being in the HBO office!

I was invited by Sumin of the PR agency text100 for a preview of HBO’s comedy. Having enjoyed HBO’s shows, notably, Sex and the City, I happily confirmed my attendance.

Nadnut, Jerrick, Mus and Rinaz with Sex and the City

It was a long ride all the way to the HBO office. We recognized the building when we spotted the large satellites on top of the tall building. When we reached the floor, we were welcomed warmly by Sumin. It was an impressive place to be. There were loads of televisions everywhere. My eyes were attracted by the numerous shows that was playing simultaneously.

Rinaz at the HBO office

Our hosts brought us, as well as the other invited bloggers on a tour around the office where we explored the different departments. There was a green room, where one of the guests acted out and one of the engineers keyed in a background to the footage. There was a sound room where Jerrick’s voice was used as a sample sound for a tv commercial. And we were also brought to the control room where the there was one staff there that was manning the broadcast, LIVE!

Rinaz and Mus at the HBO office

Being someone who likes watching as well as editing videos myself, it was fascinating for me to watch the different processes. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, I cant publish any images from the production area. Regardless, there are loads of information on the internet about this.

After the tour, we were seated in a screening room where were previewed an upcoming comedy series called, “Flight of the Concords”. Apparently, the show roused quite an interest in the US.

Flight of the Concords
Thats Jermaine on the left and Bret on the right

In a nutshell, Flight of the Conchords a quirky show which revolves around two artists who sings parodies of their day to day situation. The story seems to remind me a little of the gem of a show by MTV called, 2gether which parodies the obsession of boybands during the 90’s.

It can a little hard to get what the actors were saying, due to their New Zealand accent. But once you’ve gotten a hang of it, Flight of the concords is a really fun watch. There was a scene where Bret refused to play in a gig with Jermaine and eventually, he got replaced with a cassette tape.

Or the scene where Jermaine wanted some of his money back from his manager :

Jemaine: Murray, we need some money.

Murray: Oh, okay. How much? (fetches a lock box from a drawer) We’ve got four dollars in here.

Jemaine: I thought we had ten dollars?

Murray: This box cost six.

Among all the characters, here was one actress in particular, who was familiar to me –Kristen Schaal, who also acted in the immensely funny internet series, Horrible People – a parody of soap operas.

Jerrick and a friend eating a hotdot at Flight of the Concords

I sure am looking forward to just plonk down and zone out in front of the telley to watch the next episodes of Flight of the Concords! And with that, I’ll leave you to one of my favourite music clip by Flight of the Concords – Foux da fafa :

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  1. Aiyoh, I’m so behind on catching up on my RSS feeds – only just saw this…

    Thanks for posting this and glad you enjoyed yourself at the event! Have you been following the other eps of FOTC on HBO? I still haven’t watched the whole season and the worst thing is I’m not subscribed to HBO – sigh…

    Catch up with you again ya (didn’t see you at SMB4!) =)

  2. Oh, I wasnt at the SMB4! I couldnt make it due to the Hari Raya visits and preparations! But from online grapevine, its much much different compared to the other events that we’ve been to!

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