Meeting Yasmin Ahmad – Award Winning Director

Remember my post about the adorable Tan Hong Ming and thoughts about Interracial Relationships some while back?

Recently, I was privileged to meet acclaimed director, Yasmin Ahmad, the director of the Tan Hong Ming as well as various other notable videos. She was here to grace the exclusive screening for MCYS on an advertisement entitled, ‘Family’

Rooftop at the screening room, Singapore
Charming view from the rooftop of the screening room

I reached the Screening Room, rather late after a staff day out, being unfamiliar with the area, my sense of direction gone and rather traumatized by the after working hours road conditions!

rinaz at the screening room, Singapore
Rinaz poses by a wall featuring Federico Fellini

When I finally entered the theater, they were already halfway through playing Yasmin’s other works, such as How do you spell Dinosaur and The little Indian Boy.

To call the videos emotional would be an understatement! Mintea, who was sitting beside me and I were already fighting hard not to tear up through the showcase.

mintea, yasmin ahmad and rinaz at the screening room, Singapore
Mintilicious, Yasmin Ahmad and Sexeh Rinaz

When the lights came on, I finally saw her – Yasmin Ahmad right across me, sitting like a regal queen. She started sharing her experiences on being a director. How she faced prejudices from many because of her being a Woman as well as being a Malay. I immediately related to that, being a Malay Woman myself.

I started wondering how she was able to stay strong in such adversities when Yasmin quoted a beautiful sentence “The Thicker and Deeper the Mud The More Beautiful The Lotus Grows” Which I thought was elegant and profound at the same time.

Soonafter, the screening of the new commercial started – it features a doting single dad, raising up his daughter.

Yasmin mentioned that a family unit does not always have to be perfect and complete unit and asked the bloggers on our opinion of the video.

The reaction of the bloggers were mostly positive. There was one blogger (I think it was scarlett) who said that being raised up by a single parent and is now a single parent herself, she could relate to the video.

Brian and Mintea
Ian Timothy is a little shy for pictures, so here is Brian and Mintea doing their best toothpaste commercial smile πŸ™‚

Personally for me, I thought that the choice for the location was a little strange as it seemed a little dated. But that was when Ian Timothy mentioned that the location was a good choice as he emphatised, growing up in the lower class family.

There was a particular blogger who mentioned that because the majority of the population has a complete family unit, they may not be able to relate to the video – to which Yasmin humorously replied, “I watched ‘Finding Nemo’ … I laughed and I cried … But I’m not a fish!”

Here is a quick video montage of the interview :

Bloggers meet with Yasmin Ahmad from rinaz on Vimeo

Doesn’t she sound so queenlike? I think I could listen to her talk all day πŸ™‚

And my Mum was so excited when she read an article about Yasmin Ahmad in the Malay NewspaperΒ and she rushed to show it to me.

And what do you think of the advertisement video? Do you think that its okay for being in a single parent family? Are you able to relate to this video?

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Updated : Goodbye, Yasmin …

13 Replies to “Meeting Yasmin Ahmad – Award Winning Director”

  1. im not a parent, yet. and no one want to be a single parent.

    but i guess my mom can relate to that. and this advert by Yasmin.
    Replace the dad in the ad with my mom and reminiscing it would totally make me cry.

    it was the rain/monsoon season and i was in primary 2. Friends had all sorts of rain coats. Cartoon character ones, colorful ones, the works. I begged my mom for this swanky looking rain coat that cost much more then this other simple rain coat. Of cos she bought the cheaper one and ‘bluffed’ me that what she got was the best! (aww mom~)
    Monday came and it rained. With my biggest grin and tugging the raincoat proudly against my chest, i began my journey to school with an umbrella. Waited patiently for school to end and took out the raincoat (comes in a small bag-like package) and it couldn’t open. I gave it a harder tug and the button ripped, along with the raincoat. It was really a low quality one. The plastic material were bonded to the little package. I cried. I walked home with the umbrella instead.

    Came home crying and blaming mom. “kenapa beli yang ini. mak tipu adik” – “Why did you buy this one, you bluffed me!” I went into my room, slammed the doors and did not come out for lunch or dinner. I was really mad with my mom.

    The very next morning, on the dining table laid the raincoat, all sewed up. Sewed up to perfection that it was made waterproof. Being only 8 years old at that time, i said a quick “thanks mom!” and got ready for school. Now I can finally tell my friends i have my own rain coat.

    You can recycle paper, you can grow trees, but you can never replace your parent/s. Cherish them while they’re still here with you and for you. My mom is now a fulltime seamstress with her very own ‘office’ in an extra room where we’re living.

    Thank you Marina for covering this event, i totally loved it. πŸ™‚
    (this comment is so long omg! could be a blog post on its own)

  2. Ian Timothy

    She sounds so queen-like, doesn’t she? πŸ™‚


    we all have our own stories … Thank you for the story of the raincoat with your mum, its touching … and now you made me reminisce on how my granma fixed my red bag …

    You know, I should have kept that bag … I was so foolish to have thrown it away πŸ™

  3. I met Yassmin last month when both of us were speakers at the MICA PR Academy conference. Love her work and my colleague is now forcing me to watch all her shows. We need commercials like the ones she produces for petronas in Singapore. I think they make society better.

  4. Benjamin Koe

    I agree, videos such as these do touch the heartstrings and would make society better πŸ™‚

    Haha, I think it was good of your colleague to have forced you to watch her works!


    Thanks so much for inviting us! And thank you for the link πŸ™‚


    Oh darn! I think you would have enjoyed the meet, lots! Hopefully there will be a next time πŸ™‚


    I just loved to listen to her, she was witty, she was funny and so regal like … Just charming and a delight πŸ™‚

    Good thing I had her on video, so I could replay whenever I want to! πŸ˜€

  5. Rinaz, sorry I couldn’t help you navigate the traffic better…it really does get manic out there sometimes! But glad you made it and got to talk to Yasmin. I had a great time and the session turned out fab thanks to all your comments and sharing.

  6. Lucky you!I am a fan of her work too,she’s totally gifted and Malique’s story /comment got me almost tearing early in the morning.I miss my parents!

  7. Jacelyn

    It was a pleasure to have met you and I hope to see you again πŸ™‚


    No worries! I’m glad that I made it in one piece eventually … and thank you for inviting me πŸ™‚


    Aww … I’ll miss my parents and family heaps too …

    I didnt know that you were a fan of Yasmin Ahmad’s works! How coincidental! πŸ™‚

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