Forgetful Marina

This is kind of embarassing.

Not only that I am bad at remembering names, I’m also horrigible at remembering faces!

While at Haslina’s wedding luncheon, I was approached by several teenaged boys.

They stared at me.

And I stared back.

They continued staring at me.

And I continued staring back at them.

And we continued staring at each other until one of the boys blurted out

“What lah! You dont even recognize your own students?”

I swear I really couldnt make out who they were!

“Its us, we’re from West Spring! You used to teach us computing back while we are in secondary 1”

Then slowly it dawned on to me who they were. But they looked so different now. I left West Spring Secondary about 2 years ago. When I left, these boys were small, cute and adorable little kids. Now they’ve grown to be little oxes with more physique and look a little more mature.

I thought that that was an isolated issue.

But the next day, while taking the elevator to get to the headquarters for my training, the lift stopped and a man entered. He looked at me and started giggling and laughing and I looked at him quizzedly but quickly dismissed him. He’s probably laughing at something funny that he remembered.

I reached my floor and just while I pressed the door ringer, he took out his access card and tapped on the intercom and the door unlocked.

We were colleagues?!

Thats why he was giggling in the elevator!

How embarassed I was!

And inside the meeting room, there were people waving hi, smiling at me, asking, “Hi Marina! How are you doing, Marina? How’s it going, Marina? Marina! Marina! Marina!”

And I can only smile back at them, “Good thanks, and how about you?”, but in my mind, I’m thinking furiously, “Who the heck are you?!”

Wow, is my memory really so bad?

Maybe next time, I’ll bring stickers and write down their names and stick it to their chest to force myself to remember their names.

6 Replies to “Forgetful Marina”

  1. Raimie, you have to talk a little louder, sonny, I cant hear you!

    Nana, what? What? Did you say something? I forgot what I wanted to say.

    Youngorgeous, Oh you were in the bus? When? Did I take 170? I dont remember …

  2. I have the same problem. Some people think I’m a snob when I don’t acknowledge them but really it’s because I don’t recognize them LOL.

    BTW thanks for stopping by our blog, marina. My girls, Raine and Skye were thrilled you left them a comment.

  3. Haha, actually I’ve watched a bbc program saying that face recognition, or in this case, face unrecognition is actually part of a brain neuron dysfunction.

    Though, I’m not too sure how far my head is damaged πŸ˜›

    Oh, its a pleasure to stop by someone’s blog who loves Nasi Lemak as much as me! πŸ˜€

    Its nice to meet you Clair and Raine and Skye πŸ™‚

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