The grand old lady

Guess where I was last night.

I did a quick revision.

In the toilet.

I know its an odd place to study, but at least it was peaceful and conducive enough for me to complete a whole chapter on economics.

Mum asked me to give her a ride to the Kallang Stadium where she will be taking her examination for the Basic Exercise Certification. She aims to be a certified fitness instructor so this examination will be the one of the hurdles for her.

Travelling from here to home would take at least an hour and a half. Since the examination lasts for an hour, I decided to wait for her.

So I had to park my scooter. I tried to find a motorcycle parking lot around the stadium. Its a very large area, the car park itself was about the size of a soccer field.

But I couldnt find any motorcycle lot and I really didnt want to do an illegal parking and get fined again, so I decided to park the scooter at a car lot. After tearing up a coupon, I entered the stadium.

Sunset by the stadium by Justin

Aptly nicknamed as ‘the grand old lady’, it was a grand stadium. It was large and rather spectacular. I watched the caretakers tending to the stadium field, some dragging in large water hoses while others water the grass of the field.

National Day celebrations by Elfonse

The stadium has hosted many different events here such as the National day celebrations, football leagues and other events. And I remember the last time when I went here with the school that I was formerly attached with, to give support to the military band performance.

Singapore Youth Festival 2004

So many memories here.

Which makes it a little sad for me to hear that this stadium will be torn down come next year.

It was nice and quiet so I sat facing the stadium to do a little studying. But as the sun set, it got increasingly difficult to see and I went to the nearest lighted area. The gym was for members only and I wasnt allowed in the office. The only well lighted area that I could go to was the ladies.

Engrossed with the book, time passed by quickly and mum was already done with her examination. I saw the throngs of people coming out the theaterette. Many of them has an anguished look to them. It must have been a difficult paper.

A Girl : Things that I studied didnt come out and the things I didnt studied came up!

A Lady : The instructor emphasized on the wrong topics

A Girl : Do you know that 10 people retook this examination?

A Lady : Oh dear! This is so disheartening!

Mum popped out eventually and I asked her how she felt. She gave a brave smile and said, “It was scary, but God bless, I’ll be fine”.

We headed to where I parked my scooter and I noticed a white slip stuck to my scooter. Another fine! I was fined for ‘parking at an area not designated for it’


What is wrong with these people? Where on earth am I supposed to park when there are no lots for it?

It was really getting under my nerves. Mum saw how worked out I was that she decided to bring me to the ‘Meet the People’ session where I can air my griveances to the constituency minister.

As much as I enjoy riding, sometimes I feel that it can bring out the worst in me. I have a very short temper and get frustrated easily.

Is this normal?

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  1. My mum is a volunteer at these sessions and she says that most of the times when the review is done, its dropped. Not all, though.

    At least we do something right?

  2. Hehehe waking, well two of the pictures in this post were taken by talented photographers from flicker – I cant take credit for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I do take nice pictures too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cept I usually carry my commercial one ๐Ÿ™‚

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