Moo moo lah

Everyone aquainted with me will know that I am horrible at calculations.But for the first time ever, I was actually better than someone in maths. (Incredible!)

I was having dinner yesterday, as usual before heading off to night class. I went off to the vegetarian stall and had my fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) and assorted veggies as usual. I knew that the meal would cost more than two dollars, so I had two $2 notes ready. As she handed me my plate, I asked her

Me : How much?

Hawker lady: $2.30

Me : Oh! (Digs in purse for 30 cents)

Hawker lady : (Grabs the $4.30 before I could pull the other $2 note away and she hands me a dollar coin)

Me : Err …

Hawker lady : Dui mah. Wo gei ni yi-kuai (Its right. I’m giving you back a dollar)

Me : Pu tui. Wo gei ni se-kuai san (Not right, I gave you four dollars and thirty)

I looked at her. And she looked at me back. We looked deeply in each other’s eyes till her partner beside her noticed the error and quickly took my dollar and gave me back my two dollars.

Its was just a funny story to me. Chinese people are supposed to be better at maths. 😛

Yusof Ishak says … Eh! Dont fight over me!

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  1. Ta suo tui le..wei she mo ni pu you fang na ke ‘SPECIMEN’?? Ingkai pu iyang le ma? Suan le. Wo ming bai…pu you suo.
    Pu kuo…ni suo she mo tui ler. Hua ren suppose hen li hai in math. Malai ren in art. Indu ren… ard coconut trees?? hehe..kiddin! Gd lawyers.
    rinaz xiao chie…wo de hua wen hao pu hao??

  2. Ah typical asian vendor. Being half chinese myself, brings me memories of the markets. Have to watch the money you give.

    I need to tell my mom about this. She’ll have a good laugh. Happened to us MORE than a couple of times.

  3. err…says who? kekeke..the minorities are as good or some even better in their maths. well, its just my thoughts..;)

    anyway, one thing i know, the italians are better footballers, don’t you think so? 😉

    kekeke…sajer nak kacau awak…pheeewiiiittt!!!

  4. Red, wo de peng yo – Wo pu yao fang ‘specimen’ – Che ke tong xe pu mei. Wo yesi pu ming bai. Hehehe … Ehh … Nan Xe! Ni de hua yi hen pu cho ler!!! Hen Hao!!! 😀

    Sharon : What did your mom say? I’m curious to know 😉

    Shane : I really dont think that she’s trying to cheat me. Is she …? *scratches head*

    Pnii : Then how come I’m terrible at maths? :S Italians are better footballers? I think Malays are just as good 😉 Hidup Melayu!!!!

  5. LOL! marina, this is so funny! but, u must be alert all the times, coz i also got conned a few times b4 in the past and now ppl try to but i don’t get cheated so easily. sometimes its a careless mistake on their part BUT i can bet on it, alot of times, its not.

  6. I dont know evan, something tells me that it was just an honest mistake and that she wasnt trying to cheat me. I’ve been to this stall for a few times …

    Why would a mellow, soft hearted vegetarian food seller be out to cheat me?

    *ponders ponders ponders and ponders some more*

    Dang, now I want beehoon

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