Of tides and dryness

Looks like I havent been updating my blog for a while. It wasnt that I was extremely busy. I guess I just havent had the chance to do so. I’ve contemplated on a lot of topics to talk about. Sometimes, admittedly to the extent that in some mundane situations, like while waiting for the bus, I’d have conversations with my head. Yes, I can get schizophrenic at times. But most creative geniuses are like that I suppose.

Anyway, while I’m typing this Blog, I’m also checking my yahoo email and guess what I’m doing? I’m pretty much just clicking on the ad mails that I have in my specifically made “junk mail” where I sign up for paid to click for websites. Basically, what that means is that usually when I open up my yahoo email, there’d be a couple of emails waiting. There’d be a link in each mail and for each link, once clicked, I will get a small amount ranging from 3 cents to 2 dollars.

Unfortunately it takes a whole load of clicking before I can actually draw real moolah out of this because they have a goal you’d have to reach first. I dont know why or how or when I signed up for one in the first place. All I know is, that its kind of therapeutic having a routine like that.

I’ll let you guys know when I reach my million dollars! Heh

Anyways, on the topic of money, its amazing isnt it? Such a small flat thing could bring in so much power. Its brought alot of comforts and pain for some people.

I cannot remember who said this but there was a saying from a famous 50’s or 60’s actress that said something like “I’d rather be rich and sad on a rolls royce than poor and happy on a bicycle”

What’ll you want eh?