Dolce far niente

Oh gosh. Where does the time go? It’s crazy how the day just pass by so quickly – I wake up, do stuff and the day is over?!

I’ve blogged about this before about ten years ago, but it’s still an amazement to me. I remember when I was a kid and had about an hour to play before dinner and that hour to me, felt like an entire afternoon. Gosh, how and when did it change to how we are now?

Perhaps it is because our perception of time changes as we grow older, in the sense that we have more tasks to achieve and when we are not able to do them all, time seems to go fast. But I also think that especially with the distractions of technology, time is stolen away bit by bit.

Perhaps we should just slow down and live in the moment, no matter how boring the present may be. I’d like to try for my senses be more present and be self aware of what’s around me – like admiring at the jackets the people who pass me by are wearing or smelling the coffee aroma as I pass by a bar.

Sometimes it’s nice to just breathe and do nothing.