Massimo Ranieri – an Italian heart throb

I was at my inlaws place where we happened to watch a show called Sogno e son desto.

Massimo Ranieri

Normally, I don’t enjoy watching talent shows on Italian public station, Rai as they tend to talk too much and sing too little. But watching the show, I was transfixed at the singer – for an older man, he has a lot of stamina to host and sing non stop for the entire show. I didn’t even see him pause for a drink! I would have been very thirsty and to me, that was impressive.

I was told that his name is Massimo Ranieri. Born in Naples, he started performing at a very young age, but he only became extremely popular in the late 60s when he became a teen idol.

Curious, I looked online to see what he looked like when he was younger.

Massimo Ranieri

Ooh! What a cute boy! He reminds me a of a young Michael J Fox during his Back to the Future days. and I can understand why girls would go gaga over him back then.

Massimo Ranieri

In the video below, he is performing a song called Rose Rosse (Roses Red) and you’ll probably hear girls screaming in the background.

I also like the songs Vent’Anni, Lacrime Napulitane and Adagio Veneziano among others.

Listening to his songs,  you can’t deny that he is very talented. He’s not just a pretty face, but he is a very good singer with a powerful voice, A powerful combination.

Massimo Ranieri

If I were an Italian teenage girl back then, I’m not sure if I would go crazy over him. I didn’t get caught in the hype of 90s boybands. But one thing I’m quite sure of, is that at least one my girlfriends would probably be gushing about him non stop!