Sometimes I think I suck at this marathon thing

It’s now 10 weeks since I first started on my #rinazdoes42km training, and already I see changes in myself but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s for the best.

  1.  My pace has slowed down significantly

I used to be able to run around 7 minutes a kilometre, sometimes even faster than that. Nowadays however, I’d be lucky if I could go at a constant 8 minutes. I’m so slow! I can’t even sprint any more. And it can get quite demoralising. #rinazdoes42km

On the other hand, my stamina has increased dramatically. True, I take a longer time to run now, but I am always amazed each week through my training that I have the strength go the distance. And true, it’s not easy – I still feel pins and needles at the sole of my feet after each long run. But I am surprised at how I still feel fine. I expected that my heart would pound madly, and I’d wheezing for air and be crying from all the pain. #rinazdoes42km Training

Every morning when I wake up the next day, I am surprised that I’m still alive. I guess that gives me a little bit of courage that I can still carry on with my training.

2. I found out that I’ve lost the ability to jump

As I’m training with minimalist shoes, it’s important to strengthen the calves and ankles and one recommended way of doing that is by doing jump rope.

Nowadays however, as hard as I try, I am unable to launch myself off the floor. Which is a disconcerting feeling, as I used to be good at zeropoint. But it seems that it’s common for long distance runners to lose this ability as their muscles adapt to endure long distance running.

Beautiful Bintan Lagoon Beach

Nope. I can’t do this any more. 

I never really thought about it before, but I think jumping is an important ability to have in daily life. Sometimes you need that burst of energy to avoid danger like fast passing cars, or unfriendly dogs, which is common where I am. Thus, I’d hate to completely lose this useful ability.

One the other hand :

3. I feel physically stronger

There are days when I feel like I’m running out of steam when I jog. And I’d be complaining that I feel tired, or moan about having pins and needles on my feet after a long run. Interestingly though, my recuperation time seems to be faster and by the next day I’m usually almost back to normal.

I guess I don’t need Wolverine’s healing ability. For now at least 😛

Physically I think I look pretty much the same. It’s not like I suddenly developed a six pack past these 10 weeks, nor does anything impressive happens when I flex my arm. My weight has been pretty much the same too since the beginning of the training. #rinazdoes42km

However, I can see that my calf muscles look more developed now. And my glutes look much firmer thanks to the exercises that I do. I can even twerk my jelly! (No. I will not show you) Although, I doubt I will ever be as good as this lady.

So for the past two weekends, I had to do 26 km, which is quite a significant jump from 22 km, so it’s quite daunting to me. Prior to that, I was talking to Cart about it :

Cart : How many kilometres do you have to do this Sunday?

Me : 26 kms.

Cart : Oh! You are so brave.

Me : No! I am not! In fact, I’m so scared! That’s why I really wish that you’d accompany me in case something happens to me.

Cart would usually decline, saying that he has a hernia issue which he doesn’t want to aggravate. To my surprise he finally agreed to accompany me in my long run. But its not like how you think :

He didn’t run with me, because of obvious back issues. Not with a bicycle either, as he doesn’t want to risk falling off. Not even with a motorcycle, for the same reason as the previous.

He accompanied me with a car!? #rinazdoes42km

I … I have no words. On the other hand, with Cart accompanying me, I feel a morale boost in knowing that I can count on him in case something bad happens to me. And I feel very appreciative that he supports me in my time of need.

I’m still feeling motivated, and surprisingly still feel good. I’ve run 334 km in total so far since starting on my training and it’s just 3 more long runs before tapering and then just a short 2 more weeks before the actual #rinazdoes42km!

I think I just might be able to do this!


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  1. A light kind of turned on for me after looking at this. My wife is always telling me that I run too fast and need to slow down so I can run longer instead. That has always been hard for me because we trained for speed over short distances in the Army.

    I can’t believe you’re running 26 km. That is outstanding! Good luck with maintaining your training!

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