Nail art!

I don’t exactly know when my interest for nail art started, but some months back, I saw a set of nail art tools being sold in a shop for about 3 euro. Impulsively, I got one for myself even though I’m actually quite bad at art.

Nevertheless, I had fun trying out different designs. Many of them were inspired from youtube and also looking through google images.

This one was from trying out the angry birds tutorial from Cutepolish.

I still need to do a lot of practice for a better looking bird, but this was a lot of fun!

And this is a design I tried to do for my friend Claire.

Cupcakes! It’s her obsession! I tried this tutorial out. Claire’s nails are quite small though, so she has 10 really teeny-tiny cupcakes!

This was done on a bored day. First I painted it blue. Then I got bored and I tried to paint clouds. And then I got bored and put sprinkles on the tips.

In the end, it looks kind of like a sort of ice cream doesn’t it? This design was inspired by this tutorial, although she does it way better than I do!

This one is one of my favourite. Leopard nails!

And while it may look complicated, it was surprisingly easy!

And then I felt the need to wear red so it’s strawberry nails! It looks so messy though, I was so impatient that I didn’t let the polish dry and smudged the tips.

I didn’t see a tutorial online for this exact nail, but it’s super easy! Being patient is the difficult part!

And now I’m currently wearing this. Such cheerful colours!


All these bright colours makes me feel happy.