Frozen sushi coming your way

Something I saw in the supermarket recently and I thought that it’s a leetle bit blasphemous.

Frozen sushi.

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the whole philosophy of sushi is about the freshness of the seafood, so that one can savour a small piece of the sea when they eat it.

Instead, you’d have to defrost this in the microwave oven … *gasps* And it’s not even cheap at 8 euro for 12 sushi!

First, it was frozen durian, now frozen sushi … what else?

8 Replies to “Frozen sushi coming your way”

  1. I wouldn’t even think of buying it 🙁 They have it also here in the supermarkets. I’ll just save my appetite for good and decent sushi when I’m back in Singapore 🙂

  2. I’d pass on that. There’s decent fresh sushi here in NYC, but still nothing like what I got spoiled with in Singapore and the Philippines. I agree, freezing sushi sort of defeats the point.

    1. I understand that some fish are frozen from the transportation from the sea to the restaurant, but frozen sushi (as in the entire thing with the rice) sounds really odd to me

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