Playing host (part 2)

The next day, we woke up bright and early to head to Piazza San Giovanni Di Dio which is a wet market – not a typical place to sight see, but interesting nevertheless to see the local foods which is in season.

Cart decided to use the fresh ingredients that we’ve bought to be cooked for lunch. He was very lucky as he had two lovely ladies (Daphne and Serene) to assist him, while Nick and I went to the closest gelateria to get some fresh cream for our strawberries and I had the strangest conversation :

Seller : Which size container which you like? How about this one?

Me : Ah! Yes! This is perfect!
Seller : How about this smaller one?

Me : No, that one was fine

Seller : How about this one? *points to an even smaller one*

Me : No no, the other one was fine

Seller : Don’t you want this one? *still pointing to the smaller one*

Me : No, the first one was fine

Anyway, after our sumptuous lunch, we went off to take the metro (which is an urban train) to go to the city center for some sight seeing. I noticed someone looking very much like fellow blogger, Ntt.

We took the open bus which in my opinion, though at 20 euro is not that cheap, but is a nice way to see major monuments in Rome in a leisurely  manner. For 48 hours we are free to take the bus and hop at which ever stop we liked.

We walked to the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona.

Oh! I spotted out something interesting … A subway is opening in Rome! By the way, have you watched this Singaporean Subway commercial about their Italian sandwiches? I noticed it while watching the live streaming Singapore elections. Cart was offended and said a bad word after watching it. I should have recorded his reaction

We ended the evening to have dinner at one of our favourite pizzeria, Il Secchio e l’olivaro! One day, I hope to be a mayor (of foursquare) there! This place is interesting as they only have 6 different types of pizza but, they are all oh so good!

Watch our adventures here!

Music by Walter Mazzaccaro – Artificial Lights

Seems like we’ve been eating a lot

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    1. I suppose I film you guys more when you’re eating because we’re all calmer compared to when we are sight seeing, roaming around 😛

      Reaction shots are fun to do though, like the first time you eat an Italian pizza, drink kopi, twirling pasta the Italian way, etc 🙂

    1. You’re welcome … and thank you for leaving a message on my blog! I hope that you’ll adjust well to the new environment and welcome to Rome by the way 🙂

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