Totally loving my Pupa Lipsticks

I did a video blog about Pupa cosmetics last year, but I thought that I’d just blog about about them again Cart and I were at Castel Romano not too long ago and I think that no trip there would be complete for any mekap lover not to visit the Pupa Store. And I got me some lippies! I wouldn’t call them haul though, its not like they are SO heavy that they need to be pulled. So I don’t understand why mekap guru’s keep calling them hauls.

Anyway, Castel Romano, being an outlet store, the Pupa cosmetics sold there are way cheaper compared to the ones being sold in regular stores because the items were mostly out of season items. It really didn’t mattered to me though, it was still lovely! And with the month being the sale season, I just went crazy on getting a few things there. It was really cheap affordable.

First in line is the Brilliant Lipstick – Shiny Lips in 03

I quite like the simplistic style of the lippy. I appreciated that the bottom part being coloured as it gives me a preview of what colour the lippy will be and saves me the hassle of having to open the cap and see what colour it was inside. It was sold for 2.90 Euro while I was there, which makes it such a steal!

Putting it on, I love how very natural it looks on my lips. There is a hint of pink, but its not overly barbie. While you could see some specks of gold in the lippy itself, you don’t really see it on your lips. Instead it made my lips have a healthy shine.

In this picture, as well as the rest, I’ve used Michelle Phan’s Neutral Beauty tutorial by the way. And I love love love this look! Its the look that I’ve been sporting a lot lately. It makes me look natural but still polished.

Next is the New Chic Lipstick in 01

Excuse the stain. In my haste opening it for the first time, I smudged it a little. Urgh! I bought this accidentally, mistaking it for another colour. I didn’t really want to get this as the colour looks quite similar to my Kiko Red Emotion Satin Lipstick.

By the way, the case looks pretty elegant doesn’t it? With it being all gold and all, making it look more expensive than it really is. It was actually 3 Euro when I bought it so I didn’t feel too bad about the mix up. The only odd thing is that this lippy has a screw on top. So the first time I opened, I didn’t realised it and kept pulling the top and hence the smudge. Oh well.

Putting it on, it looked instant sexeh! Comparing it with my Kiko lippy, while both are red, this lippy is a bright and shiny red. A very eye-catching shade. Probably perfect to seduce a man.

And next is the New Chic Lipstick in 02

This is a really fun colour! Opening the tube, you can definitely see the speckles of gold in this lippy! And like the previous lippy, this was 3 Euro too.

Putting it on, it’ll make your lips a nice wash of peachy-coral pink and gold. Disco 80s! I feel so much like Farrah Fawcett doing her Carlie’s Angel thing while wearing this. I think its lovely for a summer beach look

And finally, this is the New Chic Lipstick in 54

I didn’t think that I’d love this colour, because from the tube, it looked very dark. And I’m not into those Goth/Emo dark lips look. But when I swatched it on, it didn’t looked too dark, instead it looked very wearable! This one was the most expensive of the 4 lippies I bought that day, but at 4.80 Euro, it was still a good deal.

I really loved how it looked like on my lips. Its looked sexeh and flirty and fun! And definitely kissable. Definitely not like what I expected it to be

By the way, what’s interesting about this lippy, and probably what’s making it slightly more expensive is that, there is a mirror inside. Making it quite convenient when you have limited space in your mekap bag.

Here is a swatch of the lippies in daylight. And all the pictures of me wearing my lippies are in daylight by the way

From left to right : Shiny Lipstick in 03, New Chic lipstick Precious Edition in 01, New Chic Lipstick Precious Edition in 02, New Chic Lipstick in 54

None of these lipsticks are drying by the way. I could put them on for hours and my lips doesn’t crack or feel dry or anything like that. Which is awesome because I have awefully dry lips.

With this, I probably wont be buying any new lipsticks for the next 2 years or so. I’ve so many nao

8 Replies to “Totally loving my Pupa Lipsticks”

    1. Its surprising right? I really didn’t even look twice at it initially because it looked pretty dark from the tube itself but when Cart swiped it on my arm, it actually looked pretty good!

      1. It’s true that some colours don’t look attractive at first sight but when u try it on.. it surprises you. I like the lipstick with the mirror..very practical! 🙂

  1. I love Lipsticks #3 and #4! I like #3 because it’s reddish pink with gold glitters which just seems very yummy to me, I have no idea why. Like, sort of reminds me of Bollywood stars and stuff? Or like this Chanel lipstick:

    I know, I know, it’s not the same, but they are in essence, right? 😛

    AH AND THE #4 IS SO COOL. I never thought our skin tone could pull off any plum or purple shades, but that’s just amazing! It really suits you, makes you look more demure and ‘sane’, for lack of a better word.

    Aaaargh I wish I could’ve written something more coherent. T_T

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