Urgh! Writer’s block!

Yikes. For the first time since forever, I’ve no idea what to write about.


Could you give me some ideas to get started?

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  1. Nooo..it’s Ferragosto time..nothing to do, we want a post, please! 🙂
    I could be interesting to explain to your singaporean friends how do you feel in a town like Rome in ferragosto, when the majority of the shops and activities is closed..this is a big difference between Singapore and Italy I think.

    1. I thought Ferragosto is just one day? The 15th of August? Last year we went to Castelli Romani for lunch, this year we went to the in laws for dinner. I didnt see the shops being closed being anything unusual though, Italians actually are very mindful of timings! Lunchtime = closed. Sunday = closed.

      1. Ferragosto is mainly just one day, as you said. But it can be also considered a period, a little bit like Christmas, it isn’t?
        That’s true, in Italy we are mindful of timings, but I think the whole continental Europe is like this, except for the bigger and touristic cities. In this topic like in many others, when you are used to, seems quite normal 🙂

    1. I do miss Singapore, especially during the first few months, I was extremely homesick and miserable. I’ve written quite a few blog posts about it.

      I still miss it, but I’m accepting that I’m staying here long term. I think this is a good blog topic. Thanks sexeh eStee 🙂

  2. I think u shd write about how Italy is not what all cracked up to be.. Like when people say “Italy” they shd have some pre-conceived stereotypes rite.. Then maybe you can counter those with your real-life experience?

    1. My good friend once said that if you were single, and wanted to hook up with an Italian man, you should wear a white bottom like white pants or white skirts.

      Its not true though :p

    2. ALL Italians eat pizza while playing mandolino in a gondola, wearing Pulcinella costume. ALL THE TIME. And kill everyone they don’t like hiding the body in an armed concrete pillar. Didn’t you know? 😉

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