Roman expressions for beginners

Some years back, I was demonstrating my IT class kids on how to add sounds to their Macromedia Flash files.

We had so much fun that I thought that I’d just update it with a couple of Italian expressions that could be good to know. Some are Roman slang though and could be a little rude

Yes, I teach all the bad things, I know

Sidenote :

4 Replies to “Roman expressions for beginners”

  1. It means, “Whatever” or “I dont care”

    Wahaha! I kept saying that to Cart and he looked so annoyed, it amused me!

    Piantala means stop it and zitto means keep quiet 😛

  2. Is there like an Italian way to be a bimbo? Like in America, they have this specific ‘accent’ that makes it obvious they’re a bimbo, is there something similar to that in Italian? Do a tutorial on how to be an Italian bimbo lah! ^_^

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