Made in Italy? Are you sure?

Cart and I were in Monte Verde last Saturday, visiting our friend Lynn when I chanced upon a new clothes shop. It was the opening day, seeing the wreaths of flowers outside of the shop.

Being curious, I dragged Cart in with me into the shop to have a look see. There were a couple of people in there already, looking at the clothes and squealing out, “Che carina! How cute!”

I looked around, checking out the clothes. Because the style of the clothes and the make, looked so much like items made in China. And for the price sold, I would rather buy it from Singapore or straight from Shanghai or Hong Kong itself.

Examining closer at the label of one of the outfits, I was very surprised at what I saw.

“Made in Italy”
Huh? Are you sure?

In my opinion, Italians have their own sense of style. I see that they mostly wear solid colours, their outfits were simple but classic and usually decorated with bold accessories like boots or belts and accessories. With the exception of perhaps the style of Roberto Cavalli, but everyone knows that he is an eccentric.

Roberto Cavalli
The outfit in the shop front of me on the other hand, looked like it was imported from China instead which I’ve nothing against and wouldn’t mind wearing it myself. But shouldn’t a made in Italy item, at least look like it was made in Italy?

Italians have always prided themselves as having beautiful, well crafted and quality items that would justify the higher costs compared to their counterparts.

Made in Italy label
Thus seeing the label, forgive my dramatics, but it seems a quite a mockery to me.

I don’t want to pay money for something which claims to be something it is not.

Coincidentally not too long ago, I was watching this program on ‘Current._’ about an expose on luxury Italian brand names. These labels actually had uncompleted items, such as sleeves and parts of bags and shoes being made and imported from China. These items are then completed in Italy, like adding a bow to the shoes, and assembling the bag and clothes together and European laws deemed it was fit to have the Made in Italy label.

To top it off, there are several luxury brands, where to save money, used illegal immigrants, pay them low wages without benefits, to make these goods, all in the name of making profits.

That seems so wrong to me and makes me wary about labels.

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