I just ate a chocolate egg as big as football

Happy Easter Monday!

I don’t know about you, but every time its Easter time, it really feels so much like hari raya to me. Moreover seeing the Via Crucis and then the pope giving his sermon with a huge mass of people, the feel is so much like back in Singapore when my family would get ready for Hari Raya, watching the mass prayers being broadcasted.

Pasqua 2010

And then I started to ask Cart :

Me : Why do the people look so sad? Some of them are crying even

Cart : Oh, thats because Jesus is going to die soon.

Anyway, Cart and I spent our weekend, spending time with his family over lunch and of course, devouring chocolate eggs!

If you are ever in Rome around Easter time, you’d see heaps of chocolate eggs being sold. It’s mind boggling the variety of the eggs on sale. There were Hello Kitty eggs, High School Musical, Disney Eggs, Spiderman and practically every other TV show under the Italian sun.

Pasqua 2010

While most of them were the size of footballs wrapped up in decorative wrapper, there were also intricate ones, decorated with coloured sugar pipings.

Cart and I got a couple for our niece and nephew and of course one for ourselves each.

Pasqua 2010

Cart got me the one with the bunny plushie, so that I could keep it for a longer time as opposed to a chocolate bunny. Whereas he had a Marvel Heroes egg.

If you are curious to see what the chocolate eggs look like, here is what to expect.

Pasqua 2010

After the wrapper is taken out, you’d see a chocolate egg, as big as a football, already on its plastic stand. Squeeze it gently and if you’re careful enough, you’d have two neat halves.

Pasqua 2010

And inside, you’d usually have a little toy, depending on the theme of the egg. Cart had this shooting toy.

Pasqua 2010

While my egg contained this.

Pasqua 2010

It was a playing card where the colour of the cover matches my fingernails!

Right now I think I’m getting a chocolate overdose. One egg at home and then another one with my in-laws. Hopefully I don’t get a migraine from eating too much chocolate.

8 Replies to “I just ate a chocolate egg as big as football”

  1. I also bought some chocolate and got some silly toys! My bf got one with a hippo figurine.

    And btw, it IS our kind of hari raya. And we fast too during lent, u know. Although our definition of fast is kinda different.. Haha.

  2. Mintea

    I didn’t know that there were Lindt gold bunnies in Singapore too?


    Well your lent and our fasting is kind of different lah. We don’t eat from dawn to dusk while you refrain from certain food Kekeke!

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy yourself during easter 🙂

  3. I’m not a chocolate buff, so I bought a mini mocca cake for myself as hubs is away. He’s into choc’s though, so I had fun going from store to store picking out those with exquisite fillings.

    Besides the chocolate easter eggs, the store offers table cloth, paper plates with the easter theme, as well as butter in the shape of little lambs, bunny buns, slices of bunny cheese n bunny hams. I think they would delight the kids more than us bec they r way overpriced !

    Back in SG, my mom used to help boil n coloured hundreds of eggs in red, to be distributed after the church service. Handing out choc eggs would be much more fun … We usually go for a special lunch at a hotel n u will find choc eggs all over the reception area …. n they r there for the picking 🙂

  4. @rinaz

    yeah, that’s why i said it was different. I think ours is much easier than yours. I applaud you! I really think I would not be able to tahan not eating from dawn to dusk.

    I enjoyed my easter! I bought chocolate too, bought kinder sorpresa! I got some funny hippo figurine and other useless toys.. haha

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