Eating squashed pizza at Antica Schiacciata Romana

After returning back from Singapore, Cart and I had dinner together with his friends at a place called the ‘Antica Schiacciata Romana’. It was said to be be an authentic Roman styled food and seemed to be very popular, judging by the crowds that they had that night.

Antica Schiacciata Romana - Rinaz, Cart, Eu Chai, Mother

While there were quite a variety in their menu, this was the speciality of the restaurant. The schiacciata.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

At one glance it looks like a regular pizza. But its not quite. Because in Italian, schiacciare means to squash so these pizzas were actually squashed instead of being shaped in its traditional round shapes.

The schiacciata I has was a Napolitana – tomato based with cheese and some anchovies baked together on top.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

As you could see, the schiacciata is thicker compared to a Roman styled pizza.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

However, it was very tasty chewing through my food with the different flavours in my mouth. The dough, being allowed to rest for 48 hours turned out very soft, thus it was a delight to eat it.

Initially I was feeling a little disappointed that there were so few anchovies in my food, but eating it makes me realise why there were so few. It was extremely salty! Putting more would be an overkill.

Cart had a pizza with mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

I’m not that fond of gorzonzola mainly because of the strong smell and taste but Cart loves it. I could eat a little, but overly cheesy food is too cloying for me.

And then recently, Cart had the schiacciata with artichokes and gorgonzola cheese again.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

While I had the one with zucchini blossoms and bottarga.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

Bottarga is actually fish eggs, kind of like caviar only dried. If you could see the brown rectangular flakes in the picture up there, those are the bottarga.

And as dubious as how it looked like, it was actually very tasty. I loved it. The delicate taste of the zucchini blossoms mixed with the shapness of the bottarga went very well together.

In any case, despite of how small the schiacciata appeared, it was actually very filling. Indeed, it was easy for me to feel full halfway through eating my schiacciata. But in spite of that, I always have room for dessert.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

This is my nutella mousse with pine nuts. It might not look much but its to die for! The soft and creamy nutella is so orgasmically delightful that I feel so happy after eating this.

Cart can keep his Crema Catalana

Antica Schiacciata Romana

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13 Replies to “Eating squashed pizza at Antica Schiacciata Romana”

  1. *Sluuurrrrppp*

    Oh sorry, I need tissues to wipe my drool…

    Oh my! They look sooo delicious! I go weak in the knees looking at the Schiacciata just as if I was looking at Simon Baker.

    Rinaaa…. Why you torture me like this? Uwaaa!!!

  2. Simon Baker? Who’s that? *googles*

    Oooh laa laa! Hensemnye! Now if he was serving the schiacciata, it will be double the goodness 😀

    Come to Rome lah >:-D

  3. The schiacciata looks very tasty!! seems a bit like the napoletana style of pizza..thick but soft. I agree with you Marina.. we always have room for desserts! :p

  4. Hi Rinaz!
    You are one of my favourite blogger i must say.
    By the way, those pictures are making me hungry haha!
    Next time leave some for me 😛

  5. Sally

    Ooooh! Then you’d definitely LOVE the nutella mousse! Its really to die for! Its not as thick as it looks like in the picture, its actually light but the wonderful hazelnutty goodness is there along the pine nuts.

    Urrrr … *dreams*


    How can I leave anything for you when its all in my tummy? Hehehe … come to Rome and get it lah 😛

    And thank you for the comment 🙂

  6. Its not that thick, Pizza hut pizza is more like bread to me. Moreover, the ingredients are different and the time of resting isn’t the same so the taste is not the same 😛

  7. That looks so good! We have a couple of authentic Italian restaurants here and my god, the first time I went there my impression of Pizza Hut instantly went down the drain lol.

  8. wah interesting.. pizza penyet. a business idea there 😛

    i would love to try it someday. someday, i’ll go back to rome. I threw a coin in Trevi and everything 😛

  9. When hubs n I were in Rome, we walked around the narrow streets n came upon the first pizza counter. I chose tuna with celery n hubs had artichoke n cheese. They were good. What surprised us was the way they cut out the rectangular pieces and folded it like a sandwich !! We didnt see any round pizza’s while lodging near the Roma Termini. Another counter had a selection of fried foods n they were too oily. It made us unwell. We wanted an experience in italian food but it didnt go well. We switched quickly back to chinese food.

    I see from ur pix that it has improved over time. They looked yum ! I also find cheese very jelak, esp when they r molten in quiche or pizza’s n yet they r the flavour enhancers.

    Personally I like pizza’s with a crispy paper-thin pastry. I started out that way when I was a teenager in SG. What I dont understand abt my home made pizza is that the mozarella doesnt melt evenly n it’s not savoury ! Young Gouda cheese hv a better effect, so I’m sticking to that one. I was trying to recreate the yums I had in SG n I was told that the white mass is mozarella. Any tips from Cart abt the right cheese to use ?

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