I made prata!

It was not up to standard to what you’d have at the prata shop, but I’m quite proud at how my experimentation turned out 😀

rinaz's prata

Roti Prata is one of the food that most Singaporeans love to eat. Since I was a kid, I would patronise hawker centers and order a nice plate of Roti Prata, accompanied with some curry – it was an affordable, delicious and comforting food. The smell of freshly made prata is wonderful.

Nowadays in Singapore, there are many varieties of prata – Cheese prata, Honey and butter prata, Banana Prata, even rolled up paper thin ones. But I still prefer the original and the egg variety though. Prata has been popular for as long as I can remember.

However popular prata may be in Singapore, I’ve yet to find freshly made prata in Rome. My friend Lynn has been craving for prata, so I thought that I see if I could try to make one myself. I found a prata recipe online. It looked easy enough.

First put 3 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon salt and 5 tablespoon of ghee into a bowl and mix.

Then add in warm milk and then knead.

rinaz's prata

When you have a dough of a good consistency, divide it into 8 balls and put it under a damp cloth and let the dough rest.

rinaz's prata

Once the dough is rested, flatten it with a rolling pin or with your fingers.

rinaz's prata

And then finally put it in a hot pan with some ghee and fry it. And soon you will have home made prata.

rinaz's prata

Of course, my prata wasn’t perfect though. I need to tinker with the recipe a little bit more. Maybe knead it longer and add more ghee so that the texture becomes more sturdy – which is the reason why prata makers could flip and throw it around!


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  1. Great job rinaz! I’d like to sit here and say how I’ll do the same, but I’ll probably just buy frozen ones when I leave here. Well, I hope anyway, but surely they have prata in the markets in NYC. I just never looked for it before.

  2. So cool! Congratz on the prata 😀 BTW I wonder if it would work if it was done with full-what flour, instead of the pure white.. Hmm hmm gotta try myself, I feel so inspired 😉

  3. Hohohoh, I tried it before too! But apparently it’s best if you can leave it for 24 hours…but in the end I don’t think can resist not frying the dough before then.

  4. Daphne

    Murtabak? Ehm, I have to check for the recipe and try it out. But murtabak is definitely love! Zamzam murtabak is the best! 🙂


    Instant prata is nice, but its just not the same as the prata from prata shop. The texture, the chewiness … Its like taking it for granted back in Singapore, because everywhere have. Here in Italy, cannot find at all!


    Kalau ada masa, cubalah! 🙂



    Oh its not so bad! Its like making cookies, with the mixing and all 🙂

    If you are frustrated, just pretend the dough is someone you dont like and knead him to death.


    Oh, I’m not so skilled yet! Its just my first try! Haha, give me a few months to become a bit better!

  5. AngMoGirl

    Wheat flour? I think you can use it, I’m not sure about the taste though. Maybe its a little different.

    Try and make lah and let me know how it goes! 😀


    Yeah, we were lucky about the lighting. It was about an hour before the sun set, and it was only 5pm! Gah! I dont know if I can ever get used to this country 😛


    Hahaha! Making Prada on the other hand! I totally dont have the skills for that! Hahahaha!

    Ehm. But would be nice to have a Prada bag .. or Prada shoes … or Prada clothes … * daydreams*


    In NYC it’ll probably be too expensive I think. My friend Kevin from Australia told me that it costs about 5 dollars! A piece! And yet people go to buy them. Egads!


    Thank you! And hopefully better the next time! Would you try too? Its actually quite easy 🙂

  6. Sarah

    24 hours!!! Oh my gosh! Really?! *mind boggles*

    This sounds like experiment time! Thank you for the tip 🙂


    The brand of flour I used is Barilla, but I think that you can use any other brand since its more or less the same 🙂

  7. hey rinaz! thank you so much for dropping a comment at my blog!

    I am loving your entries, it must be such a challenge living abroad and cooking up local dishes but i think it makes life much more interesting that way, no? ;D

  8. prata in mr.prata is the best to me. its at 400 plus tampines.
    sedap curry chicken dia. yummy.

    wow you made your own prata. you can open one small stall – marina prata at raffles. 🙂

  9. Ilyana

    As much as I love Italian food, there are some days when I would like to eat some of the food that I am familiar with. Some times its not readily available in shops and restaurants. The challenge is to try to find the ingredients mostly. Like Pandan leaves 🙂


    Haha! Just go downstairs and eat at the hawker center lah!


    These prata are not up to standard as the ones from the hawker center though. But I’ll try to do better the next time 😀


    Eh … masih belum boleh lagi! Prata saya belum ada standard! Nanti saya cuba lagi untuk menyedapkan prata saya!


    Ehm, ok boss!


    Or try to make it yourself? For 5 bucks, that’s more than enough to buy the ingredients.

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