The day I made a guy’s day

I was waiting for the transfer bus. The next bus stop coincidentally stops near Cart’s workplace. And that was when I saw a man walking towards me who looked just like Cart. Same beard, same glasses, same head.

This is the real Cart 😛

So I flashed him a warm smile.

And he smiled the biggest smile back at me.

It was only when he started to walk past me that I realised that he was not Cart! Mistaken identity! But he had a lingering smile anyways. I guess I made the guy’s day

I told Cart about this but he did not sound very interested. Who knows if he was jealous! 😛

Me : I should have said “Penso che tu sei mio marito!”

Cart : Oh what a nice thing to say!

Me : What should I have said?

Cart : Credevo che fossi mio marito. It means I thought you were my husband.

Me : And what did I just said?

Cart : You said, “I think you are my husband!”

Sidenote : Avenue Q is currently showing in Rome. I want to watch but its in Italian! Should I? And by the way, if you haven’t voted yet, could you help vote for me?

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  1. I think you made the guy’s week. Interesting little story about the potential lingual disaster! Those tenses are such pains. I always had trouble remembering which was which when trying to learn Spanish.

  2. Haha Rinaz ! I had a similar kind of experience once. I was heading down the stairs to cross over to another train plateform. 3 Japanese schoolgirls were heading up the same stairs n they all rushed at me with great gusto n speedy chatter. I didnt understand a word of it. Once they were in the light, they realised their mistake n they bowed their apologies. On hindsight, it was comical but they did scare the beewax out of me for a flighty moment 😮

  3. Maalikka

    There is nothing wrong with my vision! Some people really do look the same! 😛


    I can imagine that, that was really scary. Strangers rushing towards you and talking out loud in a strange language. But its quite amusing though .. hehe

    Kind of reminds me of the time when I was walking in a shopping center with my friend, when out of the sudden, a guy came up to me, smiling and talked to me.

    Him : Hey! I havent seen you for a long time! How are you!
    Me : Yeah! How have you been?
    Him : We better catch up ok? I gotta run for my next appointment.
    Me : Ok, see you!

    Friend : Who was that?
    Me : I donno.


    Ehm. I cannot imagine it hehe. Either he will kidnap me, or he’ll fly up to cloud nine .. hehehe!


    Life is amusing many a times .. hehehe 🙂


    Yes! Oh my gosh, I wont do that mistake the next time! (Hopefully there is no next time lah!)

  4. Actually, I know basic Spanish. I could get by, but I can’t hold a long conversation. I took 3 semesters of it in high school and haven’t tried much to learn it since then. Oddly it paid off though, because I am trying to learn Tagalog now and Tagalog has a LOT of words that are borrowed from Spanish. So, I already know like 20% of the vocabulary! yay me!

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