Have you watched 15 Malaysia before?

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia! Today is the 52nd year of independence for Malaysia.

And speaking of which, have you watched 15 Malaysia before? 15 Malaysia is a project consisting of 15 short films about Malaysia and I think that its quite fantastic.

I first got to know about this through Sha who was featuring Potong Saga. And then later through Hisham through twitter.

15 Malaysia

It was then when I noticed the 15 Malaysia webpage. Not every of film is published at this point of time as each will be released on a specific date. But my favourite so far would have to be this one.

Check out the cameo at the end of the video. I cant help to notice the little touches of irony in the film like when the boy walks through the school compound and there were the words Respect, Justice and Self esteem on top. What a sad story

Have you watched 15 Malaysia before? What do you think of it?

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  2. Malaysia is a free country or partly free, just that there’s too much stress on each race and the unique laws they have to abide and rights they can enjoy. It’s good that young Malaysians don’t seem to be so divided.

  3. sorry i don’t want hurt anyone, mine was only a good wish, i’m italian and in many countries malaysia is not seen as a totally free counrty. However, italy neither is considered so in last times (cause of our bad government).
    my opinion is that a free country must guarantee free access to the internet, and must respect human rights and minorance rights (for example homosexuals, specially women, are persecuted in malaysia with 20 years of detention). i also think that a religious government, based on the National Fatwa Council dictats are unacceptable (. obviously this can happens because all the oppositors are arrested or banned, as happens in other dictatorial countries. simply i hope to not read in the future other news like this, about women humiliated for unright and medieval laws.
    that’s all and sorry again for the misunderstanding.

  4. @Fabrizio, don’t be apologetic πŸ˜› You didn’t hurt anyone’s feeling, especially not mine. I am from Slovenia, I just happened to date a Malaysian girl and I’ve stayed few month in Malaysia. The CNN news you mention, is rather an exception. Yes, bad things happen in Malaysia, their government is not what we would deem as a good one. And many young Malaysians are disatisfied with how things run in Malaysia. I recommend you to read this Malaysian blogger, Zewt http://zewt.blogspot.com/ He usually writes very good posts and you’ll get the best idea where Malaysia currently stands. If you’re in Malaysia and you’re not involved in politics or have to deal with the police, life is sweet and wonderful. People are great and mostly tolerant, a lot of races and cultures and it’s a food paradise. I never felt unsafe or unwelcome or unfree in Malaysia. But I know many horrible stories from my Malaysian friends. I only stayed few months. Many say once you live for real there, things are different. I don’t know. Maybe I am biased, because sometimes I feel like Malaysia is my second home πŸ™‚ I’d say it’s a partly free country and the sharia laws are only applied to ethnic Malays (who are mostly Muslims). Chinese and other minorities have their own civil laws. Yes, it’s weird, like 2 nations within one. But that’s Malaysia πŸ™‚ You just need to learn

    Malaysia boleh! (I’ll let Rinaz explain that to you, hehe)

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